Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What would happen if I home schooled

We braced for a snow storm today and a blizzard tonight (no we don't live in the arctic, honest!) But the kids were home from school in preparation for the coming snow and wind today. (And probably tomorrow too.)
They played outside (Nolan's first time really "playing in the snow ... he's not too happy about it yet.)
The older boys had a ball!

We also made stuffed animals!
It originally started out as making gingerbread men ... that morphed into a monkey ... then a bear ... and a frog ...
I finally said, "ENOUGH!" "You design whatever it is you want on paper and I'll help you make it." Luckily we hadn't started anything concrete yet.
They chose their fabric.
Brayden drew a bear and Easton drew a frog (or toad I'm not sure.) They have such character!
I cut out the shape on the freezer paper, traced it onto fabric, they drew a smile that I sewed on and then they chose eyes from the button jar. This part took ... FOREVER! They did a marvelous job though (from an artsy perspective especially.) The eyes match ... shape ... not color (ha!) And after I sewed up the edges they stuffed 'em and are SO happy with them!

Here they are snuggling on the floor (sorry the photo is turned the wrong way ... oops.)

We did do some reading today and lots of hockey ... I always wondered how I'd do at home schooling. I think there would be lots of art projects! :-)

P.S. I just checked outside and there is a lot of snow and it is BEAUTIFUL! Walking up the lane in the dark with the snow falling quickly but gently, the glow of the warm lights in the house and the Christmas tree glimmering through the window ... ahhhhh ... so blessed.


Girly Girl Mommy said...

How much fun, Valerie! What a neat idea. I love how you went with the flow and ended up with such personalized animals. My girls love to sew stuff out of my fabric stash too.
I want some pics of your beautiful snow too. We are only getting a lot of yucky, cold rain.

The Sanders Family said...

I absolutely LOVE the first photo, with nolan crying! That's a great memory. None of my kiddos likes the cold or snow at that age. It seemed they have to reach the milestone of age two to appreciate the white stuff. Chloe is loving it this year.

I also love the stuffed animals you created. Your boys are lucky to have a mom who can sew. Mine aren't so lucky ;-) Glad you all had a fun snow day!

Tara Anderson said...

If I were to home school, I can guarantee you there would NOT be a lot of fun craft projects...or a lot of math. :) I'm glad you're able to have the boys home with you for an extra couple of days, along with all that snow1 Both are such a treat!

The Little Family said...

I love the stuffed animals!!! SO CUTE!!!!


Tami said...

e had a snow day too yesterday...but no art projects here. The kids just played most of the day in the snow...a very wet snow!! Had to dry their outerwear 4 xs in the dryer yeaterday!!

I LOVE the cute animals....what a wonderful idea. They look so very cuddly and loveable! Something tells me you would so just fine homeschooling!


Gretchen said...

If I can home school, you can home school! Loved the pictures!

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