Sunday, January 31, 2010

Would You, Could You, Grill in the Snow?

This is NOT our grill ... but imagine it is. Really, it could be ... luckily our porch is covered which keeps the snow off.
Can you believe 49% of Americans grill during the winter?! (at least that's one percentage I found online.)
Well ... I'm one of them now. Yup, count me in. And oh was it SO good!

I guess that's a perk for living in the midwest. You call up the farmer down the road, order a quarter beef, or half a cow or maybe the whole thing. Mmmmm, a variety of meat in your freezer whenever you want it. But, alas, our family tends toward the casserole dishes, ie: hamburger. SO ... on occasion I dig to the bottom of the freezer past the hamburger and get the good stuff! Yes, we threw some very yummy steaks on the grill tonight, er, I guess I threw them on the grill. I thought it would have been SUCH a cool photo of me, the grill, the snowman in the background in the yard.
... But the boys were too busy playing the Wii to help with the photoshoot.

And how could I blame them as they had spent all afternoon out on the lake playing ice hockey. They needed some time inside to warm up, right? Still would have been a cool photo. I guess you'll have to use your imagination.
The steak was delicious though ... gotta love Iowa beef.


TanyaLea said...

Yumm...a good steak sounds delicious! We are usually one of those families who grill all winter long. But ironically, that was actually a topic of conversation earlier today, as we discussed how we haven't grilled outside since early fall... guess it's time! I might just have to dig to the bottom of our freezer, too!!

Next time, be sure to have someone get a picture...cuz I KNOW it would've been a good one! :)

Have a blessed week! <><

Tara Anderson said...

We're one of those families that grills all through the Winter...but I know it's a little bit different down here in Texas! :)

The Sanders Family said...

How fun! We're one of the 49 percent. You do what you gotta do in the Midwest winters I guess :) But you're right...a picture would have been great with the snowman in the background. Even better if you were wearing your apron ;-)

Oh, and ice hockey on the lake sounds so fun!

Shelly and Family said...

Hi Valerie and THANK YOU for stopping by our Benjamin's blog! We just received our LID (Jan 26th) and we are hoping to travel sometime this summer. I started posting to his blog so I can record some special events and true feelings that happen along the way. As for the shopping, I am going to have to hit Kohl's! I got some great stuff there at the end of the summer and seeing how I will need some winter stuff too...Kohl's looks like a great place to start!

As for the toys, I am going to have to check them out! Having not to use batteries is always a plus! Seeing how we have more coloring book and crayons than dolls, that is always a good thing! But I have no real BOYS toys to speak of and after reading his update we got in September, he loves his trucks! I am going to be checking out some sites online today and if I can get the kiddos moving this morning (seeing how it snow last night and there is no school today) I might make a stop at TJMaxx (which is not too far from our house) and check out what they have...

Again THANK YOU for stopping by and please be sure to check back. I will be posting to his site in the future. Happy to hear you love the angel ornament ~ it truly is so precious!

Here's to a great Wednesday!!!!

Gretchen said...

We grill all year long...but I guess that's what all Floridians do!!!

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