Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hockey, Blizzards and Soggy Birthday Presents

(Brayden is on the far right kinda squashed down while kneeling)

Brayden and his hockey team won another tournament this weekend!
I am hoping that he remains humble in all of this glory! He played really well and was quite happy that he almost got a hat-trick in the final game too (that would be 3 goals in one game.) However, it hit the post on the goal and didn't happen--luckily too because I did not have a hat with me to throw onto the ice! Although I would have been resourceful and would have used Nolan's. (They do give them back to you by the way.) Another big deal for this weekend was leaving home without my 40 lb. diaper bag. Yes, this would be for an entire day away from home. Luckily I had the snacks packed in another bag (food is always needed!) and I had an emergency ziplock of 6 diapers and wipes that have been traveling around in the back of our minivan since Brayden (now 6.5) was in diapers! I just had to rewet the wipes a bit ... but they were great and what a lifesaver. I am somewhat amazed that we made it over 12 hours through an all day hockey tournament and then an extended night at the semi-pro hockey game all without that heavy bag! I really need to rethink and repack that thing.

A cool find for the weekend and one angst of not having my wallet along with me to buy one on Saturday was a toy zamboni!

We've been looking everywhere for one since I tried to make one for Nolan's one-year old cake in June. There is a reason why a photo of that didn't make it onto the blog! It kinda looked like a box with wheels. Thankfully the vendor was still there the next day when I had my $$ in hand. And I am looking forward to using this little match-boxed sized one next time around on the cake(s). And well ... we ended up with 2 ... one for each patient brother who sat through 3 days worth of games in a cold arena! (But I gotta admit it wasn't too hard of a sell as I wanted one too!) Nolan especially LOVES the zamboni and will literally bat your head out of the way if you are holding him and get between him and his zamboni viewing while it cleans the ice between periods! He refers to it as a "zam-bonee-ahh" It kinda sounds like a country or something.

Now for the soggy birthday ... We had high winds, blinding blizzard conditions and ice yesterday afternoon that lead to Brayden getting out of school early and a late start this morning. This winter has been kinda severe, especially lately. I guess it always is, but somehow I forget when the grass gets green and the sun is again out all summer long. Anyway, after picking up the boys at school around noon I hunkered down all afternoon before traveling out to get the mail at the end of our lane (we live in the country) around 4:45pm.

As I neared the mailbox the wicked wind and blowing blinding snow suddenly lost all importance as I heard myself saying, "NO--NO, NO--NO, NO, NO, NO, NOOOOOO!" as I looked beyond the mailbox and into the ditch and my wonderful Priority Mail package with the bright green delivery confirmation sticker half submerged in the melted run off water. (Which I have no idea HOW it could be water as it was 18 degrees outside!) I had recently purchased a beautiful Hanna Andersson birthday dress for a special little girl at ND ... and there it was ... blown into the ditch. THANKFULLY I saw it--what if I had waited until my husband picked up the mail in the dark or the next day after it would have surely sank?! I took the heavy box inside and took out the completely soggy wad of beautiful cloth while literally pouring out water from the drenched box and I had little other choice than to wash it and pray for the best. Thankfully I am happy to say that it washed up beautifully and I had the added blessing of actually laundering her birthday present for the first time. And that made this mom of much boy laundry ... even more deeply blessed to wash and iron something so beautifully pink and girly!

Happy Birthday Elizabeth and I hope you had a great day!


Tara Anderson said...

I love the dress you got Elizabeth for her birthday!!! And I know you had fun taking care of something so beautiful and girly. Currently I'm trying to convince Andrew that Cora needs this tiny little bikini I saw at Target sent to her in the next care package...we'll see how that goes! :)

Wow! It sounds like your Brayden is quite the hockey star! I know nothing about the sport other than what I've learned from your blog (Texas gal..you know, football and such!) but I'm quite impressed! I know you've got to be proud!!!

Shirlee McCoy said...

Your boys are adorable. They remind me of my three boys when they were little. What's the age difference?

Shawna&Co. said...

I am so glad the dress wasn't ruined! When I got our mail the wind blew the letters about out of my hand and I thought had they have gotten away they would have ended up in another county!
Thank goodness you saw the package in the water!

Did your washing machine break having to wash pink?!?! :)

Way to go Brayden!!! It's sooo fun watching our kids in sports isn't it?

The Sanders Family said...

Valerie! This post made me so bummed about barely missing his Brayden's game Friday night!!! At least we got to go out and eat, but we're still wanting to see your little champ play hockey, more than for just 15 seconds, ha ha.

Love the dress. Love Hanna Andersson!! Good choice. And Chloe was right here at the computer as I read your blog, and she happily said, "OOOOh! Mom! I like that dress!" Guess you've got her seal of approval. Elizabeth will be one happy little girl :)

Oh, and one more thing...I think your kiddos being able to survive all day without the diaper bag is a testament to what good kids you have! :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, I can't wait to see Elizabeth in her "soggy" - gorgeous dress!!

You must be one proud Momma of Brayden!

Tami said...


First..thanks for your comment about my Christmas post....you DID make me feel better..LOL!

We do the hockey thing too...well kind of....with my 11 year old nephew (Goalie). We get to go to select matches and enjoy without the pressure!!! At least here in New England it is a 'way of life'...actually it IS your life from Aug through March. I love to watch the game....those kids skate their hearts out, but I don;t think I could keep up with the schedule.

We eat sleep and drink baseball here from Apr-July including the post season. I can do it for 4 months but 8 months...wow! You gotta love it!

That pink dress is adorable!!! I know Elizabeth will adore it.


Randy and Rita Rippee said...

What a beautiful dress! Elizabeth will love it! Thank you so much for sending it for her! I'll send you a picture of her in it once it comes! I truly enjoyed the story of how it came. I'm sure we can all identify with similar stories!

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