Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update to the Trivial:Thankfully my blog photo remains the same

Some people hate the doctor ... THANKFULLY I have not had any great on going medical issues in my lifetime, so I don't have too many problems with the doctor.

Some people hate the dentist ... THANKFULLY even after major braces, a headgear, wisdom teeth removed, having a tooth pulled without Novocaine being fully set, I still don't have any problems with the dentist.

But when it comes to getting my hair cut ... well, that's a different story. It's not that I fear the hair salon. I'm just kind of a cheap-skate so I don't go very often ... and when I do I am actually surprised when I leave feeling good about my new do. Well, unfortunately, yesterday was NOT one of those leave-the-salon-feelin'-good kinda days. Yes, I went in after not having a haircut since my birthday in August (like 6 months ago) but I went in with nice (although probably way too long) long hair ... and now ... well ... let's just say I left over 8 inches on the floor! And my new do ... isn't really what I had requested (I specifically said 2 inches BELOW my shoulder AND used my hands to show where I meant by that.) Anyway ... it's hair ... it grows back, right?. I don't like this result particularly, but please remember I did not request this look and although Jeff says he likes it, I'm not sure if he's being kind or honest. Anyway ... if I had known I'd be losing so much in one sitting I would have donated it to Locks Of Love or something! I can barely get it into a ponytail!

The real bummer is in that we have family photos scheduled for Tuesday for the church directory. We have not had family photos in over 5 years and 2 children ago! So, I am suddenly not at all enthused about these. Maybe that's good and the pressure to have the kids look good and all smile is off. And I'll have a reason to have them retaken at a studio of my choice in about ... 6 months when my hair is 2 inches below my shoulder. HA!
(The chance of getting that to happen is about as likely as me getting the hair cut of my dreams!)

Update upon request ... with photos:
BEFORE (okay, this is from a couple of years ago ... but I don't embrace change easily obviously. This is basically what it looked like before but with a few more bangs. I waffle between the bangs vrs no-bangs dilemma.)

AFTER (sorry it's blurry ... but try to get a photo of yourself without feeling totally cheesy! Even Nolan wanted to get away!)


Tara Anderson said...

I bet it looks alot cuter than you think! It's always hard to get used to a new hairstyle...which is why I've had some form of a "bob" going on for over 10 years now! It just works. :) I know you'll hate this idea, but why not post just one picture so that we can check our your new style!

The Sanders Family said...

Awww....sorry Valerie. I bet it does look cuter than you think! We're always hardest on ourselves.

Oh, and if it makes you feel any better, our photo for the directory is not the best. ha ha. But they are pretty cheesy photos, so I doubt you would have wanted to order any anyway. Just say the time and place and I'll take your family photos for you, after your hair has grown to your liking of course :) Love ya!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Oh no!! Give yourself some time to experiment and try some styles. Play with some pins and clips and headbands. I bet you'll find something directory picture worthy that will make you feel as beautiful as you are! I can't imagine 8 inches on myself so I can totally feel your pain. I'm an every six month hair cut kinda girl too.

The Sanders Family said...

Okay Valerie, I had to update my comment about your updated post. What are you talking about??? Bad haircut? No way! I love it! Very fresh and bouncy. You look beautiful girl :)

Tami said...

I LOVE it!!!!!! You look FAB-U-LOUS:-). Give it a few days so you can adjust and I bet you'll change your tune.

Thanks for posting the before and after:-).


Michele said...

As I was reading, I was expecting a "flock of seagulls" do or something equally horrific! Then I scroll down and see! I LOVE it!! Are you kidding? It looks great! It is very hip and very stylish!!

I have to agree about the bangs thing - I want them. I get them, I hate them. It is a vicious cycle. Currently I am bangless, but not seeing your cute bangs, I want them!!

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