Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Wow" Toys--Uber COOL!

by Ravensburger or WOW toys
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I don't make it a habit to fall in love with toys ... but honestly, I think they find me! I am like a kid when it comes to toys. We were shopping yesterday at an educational store and they had a small table display of this line and they are just so neat, I had to share. Of course they listed all kinds of educational benefits from fine tuning motor skills and imaginative play and sensory and motion education. But they also do NOT need batteries which is SO COOL! There is an opening picnic basket and interchangable play figures. Oh how fun!
Geared for 1.5 to 5 year olds, Nolan played and played with them. Had I come across them before Christmas I would have folded for sure for at least one of them, especially with Operation Giggle in mind because they do not need batteries and are very high quality friction-powered type cars with little people/animals that easily can be moved around for imaginative play.
Motorbike Max
Motorbike Max is the one that caught our attention and is still the overall fav. I'm kinda wondering if Samuel at New Day would like one as his birthday is fast approaching? Motorcycles being popular in China and all ... and well ... it's just the right size for little hands and is just CUTE as a button!

"This is way cool!" --I'm pretty sure this is what Nolan was thinking as I could NOT pull him away from the table. (Well, I finally did ... and it involved kicking and screaming on his part ... but in his defense I had him out shopping for clothes through his nap time all afternoon. Poor guy!)

Poppy's Pony Adventure

To be honest though, this one was the one that I really liked because of the trailer. It clicks on so cleanly for little hands and with the people is perfect for pretend play. But it was pink and purple all over so it would not fly in our all-boy household. If you have a girl. this is uber-cool!
(Here's an excerpt from the manufacturer.)
Clip-clop, clip-clop here's a happy pony set! This cute and chunky nine-piece set features a friction-powered car with a realistic engine sound, detachable horsebox with a magnetic hook, push-button tailgate, shape-sorting roof rack, girl and boy riders, two color-coded ponies, a pony jump, and two stackable hay bales. Truck measures approximately 8" and trailer measures approximately 8". No batteries required.

SO, imagine how very excited I was to find the "boy" version with a trailer that I mentioned above.
It has a bath-toy boat, an unloadable 3 wheeler, and magnet attached trailer!
Off Road Ollie's
Outdoor Pursuits Toy

$38.95 Am@zon

Anyway, I had to share such a fun toy find ... if anyone has these toys and wants to let me know how your kids like them I'd appreciate it. I hate to buy toys and then have them sit in the toy box once we bring them home ya know!


TanyaLea said...

These are GREAT Valerie...thanks for sharing. I was just thinking how they would've made great OG gifts, too. PERFECT w/out the need for batteries, but still fun and interactive for the kiddos! I'm going to check some of these out for Khloe's next care pkg...they would be great toys for the ND bunch! :)


Valerie and Jeff said...

Khloe definitely needs a set! I thought of her right away with the purple set!
The camper and firetruck are really cool too! If ND thinks they would be neat we could all go together and get a few sets? Just a thought. All the people/animals are interchangeable between the sets. (They're designed in Great Britain. Those ingenious English!) And since they're geared toward the younger crowd it would be perfect for ND who have younger hands more often.

The Sanders Family said...

Great ideas Valerie! You do seem to find the best toys! Gabe always enjoys his birthday gifts from Brayden :) As far as all chipping in for ND gifts, let me know if that's a go! I'd love to help out!

The family

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