Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Yuckies

Please excuse the continued lack of posts and comments and return of emails.
Oh yes, there are reasons.
The flu of last week that took down Brayden into a night of endless ... well ... you know ... yuckiness ...
well, it's back and it took down Easton in an eerily similar fashion on Sunday night. Same story, all night long ... NO sleep until 5am and then only until 6:45 when I got Brayden up for school. Then Monday night Nolan got his first disturbing experience with the yuckies ... while Jeff fell victim in the other bathroom only hours later. I kid you not. Thank goodness the other 2 boys were recovering by the time the other 2 were coming down hard ...
This is a quick hitting but brutal flu. Thankfully it isn't too long and hasn't had any fevers ... but it is furious.

I rocked Nolan in the bathroom (Jeff had squeezed the rocking chair in there along with the spare crib mattress for the floor, no small feat considering our bathroom floor is only 3.8 feet wide! Luckily it's longer than wide.) from 8 until 3 am with the sink on one side (oh so handy!) and finally at 3am I gave in and tried to comfort him on the mattress while I curled up in whatever room was left between there and the cabinets to make sure he didn't roll off and hit the base of the toilet. It was a crazy night but I was so glad I was there for him as well as for his brothers when they were hurting. When I think of children without someone to hold them when they feel so horrible and are so scared ... oh it makes my heart hurt so much.
No, it wasn't pretty and I prayed so much that the end would be in sight and things would start looking up all night long. As for me ... I'm holding out tough ... although to be honest I've been kinda sick for about a week. I guess all that time with morning sickness while being pregnant and still having to function is coming in handy! Perhaps that is the real reason for morning sickness? Training?
I'm hopefully that I'll sidestep the extreme yuckies this time around ... and that we'll be on the mend SOON!
Here's to hoping you all are staying healthy! And thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments from the last post. What a cyber-hug! I do plan to respond ... only when I've had some real sleep and some food that I can actually look forward to in my belly!


Tara Anderson said...

Hang in there, Valerie!!! I wish I was closer so I could come help you out! It's miserable when sickness hits a household like that!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh Valerie! I'm so sorry! Sounds like it's been an incredibly long week, and now YOU need a vacation! Praying that you don't get the yuckies too! Wish I could help, but am kinda far away this week ;-) Love and prayers from Florida!

The family

The family