Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breaking News: Tooth Fairy Comes Tonight!

Just as I was going to post about the weekend, complete with photos ... Brayden lost his very first tooth this morning at 9 am!
CHANGE GEARS ... Okay, like when he got his first tooth on Christmas 2003 it's kinda a mom-thing ... or dad thing. But it's BIG for him and us ... one of those rites of passage. Thankfully we had a late start to school this morning due to snow ... otherwise I wouldn't have gotten to witness the raw excitement of the event. Oh the blessings of being a stay-at-home-mom! (Kinda makes up from having all the kids home all day yesterday and most of Monday--oh they're angels ... except for when someone gets poked in the eye or doesn't play fair or all those things that helps kids grow up into respectable adults while making us parents a little weary and gray.)

I also have a couple of photos of Monday night when Brayden wanted his dad to PULL the tooth. (Usually one to keep quiet, I actually said, "Not a good idea ... don't do it ... just say no!" -- I mean, I was there when he was born, I remember that look he gave me that clearly said, "YOU put me through THAT torture?!" And I clearly remember how he doesn't deal well with pain ... EVER. But who am I? Just his mom, who carried him for nearly 10 month and has seen my fair share of him and pain and they are NOT friends ... but who likes a Miss Know-It-All? Nobody ... and I just maybe could have been wrong! )

SO, Brayden was insistent, questioning a little bit if it would hurt and Jeff was honest and said it might a bit but Brayden really wanted that tooth out ... and he even went and got a pliers when Jeff said it was too slippery to get a hold of! He was "in" with the idea whole-heartedly ... well, that is until the pain came. I guess the look on his face tells the story best.
BEFORE--Tooth is a-leaning



(Click on this to see Brayden's expression bigger) NO the pliers did not actually work ... not that they couldn't have ... but it was not the right time yet.


Gretchen said...

I am so glad that darn tooth is FINALLY out! We just had a tooth fairy visit this past weekend. Oh the fun of parenthood! I love these milestone moments!

Tara Anderson said...

Tooth Fairy visits are so fun! They make up from all the struggle and hassle that goes along with getting that tooth out! Eli's got a loose tooth on top now, and he's wiggling it like crazy! I have a feeling the Tooth Fairy will be back this way before too long! :)

Shawna&Co. said...

You just made me laugh sooo hard! Trying to shape our kids into responsible adults without being driven crazy is quite the feat!

I can't believe how different he looks without that tooth! Love the plier pictures too! We tried a clothspin with Kinz but it was to slippery so we wrapped the tooth in toilet paper then tried to pull.. Needless to say it didn't work and came out when she sneezed a few days later :)


The Sanders Family said...

Geez, Gabe didn't even tell me about this. He usually keeps me informed, ha ha. Congrats to Brayden! :) And I think not pulling it out was a good idea...Gabe pulled his second one himself during class and the nurse said it bled for an hour. Ough!!! Patience is just not a quality most first graders possess.

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The family