Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Throwing Arms Open Wide

I crossed paths with a blog last spring when I was first setting up our family blog that has been such a blessing to read and follow. My heart was burning for the plight of the orphans at the time and God answered my questioning heart with an abundance of red threads that continue to unravel and to weave all at the same time!

One of these red threads brought me to Shannon's blog. Shannon at "throwingourarmsopenwide" has taken me with her family on a journey of a lifetime to bring her daughter, Georgia, home from China and to repair her heart surgically and to fill it overbrimming with the love of a family and with the love of a God so big that He delights in every detail! She has also given my heart so much to consider and to SEEK for in Scripture as a mom, a wife, a daughter and a child of God. And I also have to mention, because it is SO important to the story, that this was all done without her ever knowing I existed or even read her blog! You see, because I wasn't able to leave her a comment on her blog until late this summer after I upgraded my computer and she was IN China, I was simply one of those "lurkers." It was as if God wanted me to not side step Him in it all! (He knows me so well! Even in my best intentions.) My only choice was to pray for her and Georgia. I couldn't just leave notes of encouraging words in the comments section. God is SO AWESOME!

And if that isn't enough to get you over to her blog to check her out ... here's another incentive: SHE'S HAVING A COOL GIVEAWAY!

The give-away is spelled out in detail on her site and features very gorgeous and nifty hand-crafted bracelets that are bringing another precious pearl home to a special family ONE BRACELET AT A TIME! That's right, the goal for this artesian is 3000 bracelets to fund the process of bringing their daughter home. Imagine being a piece of that link to making a family. AND looking fancy-trendy while doing it! Check out Shannon's site and also Orphaned No More Bracelets. Oh yes, and here's my favorite (right now at least ... I keep waffling there are so many cool ones to choose from!) As if I didn't kinda want a daughter before ... well, now just for the sake of swapping bracelets it'd be really cool! Not so cool to swap 'em with your son (heh heh)--I'll stick with swapping hockey jerseys there thank you :-)

This pair is a close second:


Tara Anderson said...

God is SO wise, isn't He?!?!? Sometimes I just have to marvel at Him! :)

Shannon said...

Thank you for your sweet, sweet words my friend! I love that God has linked us together! Your prayers are so precious to me and so is walking on this journey of faith with each other!!!!

The Sanders Family said...

Love how you described how you found that God knows better, even in the small things like being unable to comment on a blog! That's so cool! God is so cool :) And so are you :)

Gretchen said...

Thank you for praying for us these past couple of days. Ashlyn LOVED the card. She was actually bopping around with it this morning.

You are the best!

Love you!

The family

The family