Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Posts in One Day and This One is a Give Away! (scroll down for the other post)

WIN this Pagoda Dress!
Speaking of Kay Bratt (read post below if you are not familiar with her) I just noticed this cool give away from this WAY COOL site!
Click on Kay Bratt's website on the side bar, or here to see the details.
Enter a comment on Kay's blog and then visit Fly Away Home Clothing Boutique at and leave a comment. This mom makes the cutest clothing! ... all to help financially cover the cost of her daughters' adoptions. How fitting for the upcoming Chinese New Year Celebration too! Even if you're not adopting but love adorable clothing you should check it out ... hey, I even checked it out and we have no girls ... but I do know a few, so you should check it out too. It's a "bookmark it" page!

(I'm not sure if this dress is still available, but it's my favorite! Maybe we can make a petition to bring it back?)

And is this not the cutest outfit? I wonder if it'd be cute in a size 10 women's? Probably not nearly as much.


Tara Anderson said...

The page has been bookmarked in my favorites! Thanks for sharing it!!!

TanyaLea said...

WAYYYYY CUTE STUFF!! ...thanks for sharing, Val...I'm certain I will be bookmarking it, too!! ;)


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