Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday is Just Around the Bend!

I am looking forward to Friday for many reasons. Who doesn't like the end of the work week ... and when it comes at the end of a single-parenting week and the return of a traveling husband back into the mix, wow it can only get unbelievably better with a quick overnight get-away for a Ladies Retreat. Now THAT is really hard to beat! And that folks is what I am looking forward to!

But Friday is also the last day to donate funds to bring 2 special boys into their families. One is a sweet youngster with cheeks as pinchable as the day is long. The other is weeks away from aging out of the system and from EVER having the chance to be adopted. He will be 14 on May 1st and after then he will forever be an orphan. SERIOUSLY. At age 14! And that is in a culture that embraces and prizes family above all else. Which is great, unless you don't have a family.
This is the kicker ... he does have a family who has stepped out in faith to be his voice and if this forever family does not get the funds ASAP and does not travel to get him before May 1st ... then he will not have a father, a mother, brothers, sisters, a home to call his own, and MOST importantly an understanding of a God whose love is SO big that He sent his son to die for our sins so that WE may be adopted as His sons and secured a Heavenly home.

If you have not already donated to Bring Drew and his brother Jaxon home, please consider doing so. Heck, donate now and do the considering later. There are so many wonderful prizes that have been donated ... just as an encouragement and bonus for those who spread the word and dig around for what they can give. Go to BRING DREW HOME Don't wait ... they are only at 37% of their goal as of right now ... I have been watching it inch up a little at a time and I am SO wanting this to be a God thing. For them, for the boys, for us (the contributors and supporters through dollars and prayers) and mostly because it is so close to God's heart.
Their story can be found on their home blog HERE. And remember to donate, spread the word to others and especially pray for this family and these boys.

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TanyaLea said...

Just one of the many reasons that I love ya! You have the biggest heart, Valerie!!

God bless you for spredding the word for Mandi's family! <><

And have fun at your upcoming Ladies Retreat!!


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