Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Snapshot--Oliver Arrives

You might remember my post about Flat Stanley recently. Well, our Stanleys are here WAITING on me to get them ready to go on a journey all their own ...
And in the meanwhile, we've received a visitor ourselves!

This is Oliver K. Woodman and he is visiting from Virginia! We are so pleased to have him here. I have to mention though that the journey was not the smoothest for our little guest. When he arrived the envelope told me that the ride was bit bumpy for Oliver and upon opening the package I found a broken man.
Oh the horror!

At first I thought we could glue his stick together ... but with a fractured section in shards it became clear we would have to proceed with a full "stick-ectomy" and the attachment of a full replacement stick.

THANKFULLY ... I had eaten all the caramels this fall before ever making caramel apples ... so I had a good selection of transplant sticks to choose from RIGHT at hand!
A little glue, a few books overnight to press him together and I am happy to say that Oliver is as good as new! In fact ... he was feeling SO good that he went on a little trip with Jeff this morning ... (and this is going to blow the socks off of Oliver's First Grade class I hope!) ...


Yes, Oliver is right now flying over the Artic Circle tucked comfortably in Jeff's carry-on bag. I'm hoping that he remembers to take at least one photo of the little man while he's there! (What a dear husband he is ... I'm sure I shake up his ordered "engineering world" a little bit now and again with these requests!)

I can't wait for Oliver to come back and we can show him a little bit of Iowa too. It gets such a bum rap all the time. It is really a beautiful place, but like many places it's seen through the experiences that help paint the details of its beauty.

Travel safely Oliver!
Ni Hao Y'all


Tammy said...

Thank goodness you ate the carmel...what would you have done without a popsicle on stick on hand. So funny! Loved the post!


The Sanders Family said...

Japan??? That's so awesome! How lucky for Jeff, and for Oliver ;) A bit jealous of Jeff now...China AND Japan? I'm thinking you should tag along with him one of these times. I'd be happy to help out with the kiddos if you did!!! :) Let me know if you need anything while he's away!

Stefanie said...

Pretty cute :)
Well done on the caramel eating... obviously it paid off!!
Your hubby is a good sport to let Oliver tag along on his trip, can't wait to see the pictures!!

Chris said...

Oliver...he is so cute!!!

I just love this project, it is so much fun for the kids & parents, too! :)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Can I just say that Piper was so darn excited that her Oliver was going to Iowa and then to find out that he was making his way to Japan... she was dancing all over the room with glee! Didn't mind a bit that her needed some, um, surgery. Thanks so much again for hosting him. Jeff is a great sport too!

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