Friday, March 12, 2010

Strength & Dignity

I woke up early this morning to work on typesetting some vinyl lettering for my home business ... I decided to take a brief break.

Of course I checked the blog ... and as I looked into the beaming smile of Lucy, a 2.5 year old who desperately needs a heart surgery, I wondered, "How does she smile so beautifully when she must hurt so much ..."
I went back to my lettering and it was like reading it anew. I had found inspiration that perfectly breathed new life into what I was working on and made it mean so much more. I'm not sure which is my favorite version ... but I pray that Lucy has many people who join me in prayer for her and that she will face her future without fear and with beautiful hope and faith. Perhaps YOU are her family?

If you have not read Lucy's story, please go HERE to learn more. Perhaps your prayer, your phone call, your voice will be the one that speaks the loudest.


Football & Fried Rice said...

I cannot wait to read Lucy's story! After emailing with you and reading & re-reading this verse, THIS is the one!! It has so much more meaning to me, to Mya. To think, that even in the WOMB, we are ALL clothed in Christ's strength and dignity. When we have nothing to give, He gave.

For the very reason that we could laugh with no fear of the future.


Football & Fried Rice said...
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Tara Anderson said...

Okay, you need to keep "B" and "E" on standby for me! I absolutely LOVE them, and I figure with three girls one of them will certainly fit in somewhere around here! :)

My heart just hurts so much every time I read Lucy's story. Andrew and I have discussed her...and are willing...but her agency is looking for a family that is already DTC. And as you know, we are FAR away from that. From what I understand, there is actually a waiting list of families interested in Lucy but none of them are DTC yet...go figure. I do pray that someone rises up for her. She is such a darling, and I love her smile!

Gretchen said...

I like "C". They are all really beautiful though.

I too have been praying for a family for Lucy for a VERY long time. God has a plan for this beautiful little girl.

Shannon said...

Valerie!!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How do I order one? I want to put it in the girls room!!!!! You have a gift my friend!

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