Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twirly Skirts

It's happened again ... a bit of girly overflow ... and JUST when Jeff is out of town too. Not a good mix. I guess I'm going to blame this on a trip to the fabric store today. Oh MY! Even if you don't sew, one trip there and a look at the INCREDIBLE fabrics and you will leave with a new sewing machine tucked under one arm and a bolt or two of fabric under the other.

My problem is that I need to finish one project before starting another and also that I don't have a sewing room other than the dining room table. (That makes any project longer than 2 hours a real challenge as it seems someone is using that table for a snack or meal at about that interval.) Not to mention that any 2 hour uninterrupted interval is going to happen in about 6 years from now. But lets work around these hurdles ...

I came across a couple EXCITING free web tutorials for a twirly skirt and also a striped skirt. I cannot wait to see the boys in them.
HAHAHAHA! Ok ... that is NOT going to happen. (And for this we are THANKFUL!) But maybe I'll find someone who needs one or two if I ever finish my current projects because they look VERY cool and Very easy to make.

Let me share one of the ADORABLE fabrics I picked up today. It's from the Heidi Grace "We are Family" Fabric Collection. Is this adorable or what?! I can think of a couple of my followers who might think so anyway.

And guess what I found on etsy WHILE looking for that free twirly skirt pattern:

Guess I'm not so original (however I was thinking something more along the lines of the first photo with the layers and incorporating some red and also black other fabrics.)
I also think these would look insanely cute ruffled on the bottom of some jeans with a coordinating top with the fabric embroidered with it. Maybe something like this:

Oh boy. SEE! There I go again. Another project on my brain and I haven't even started the first ideas yet.
Maybe I should harness this and sell 'em on ebay?
Ya, in about 6 years when that uninterrupted block of time gets here.
*If anyone wants a link to those free tutorials leave me a comment or I guess you could just google for "free twirly skirt pattern" ... although I love to hear from you too.
**Also, if anyone wants to be bold enough to give me their child's hip measurement and the optimal length of a skirt for that child maybe YOU can become the owner of one for free by being my test model. :-)


TanyaLea said...

Well, you know I don't have time for any sewing right now...but I sure wish I did after seeing this post! I'm loving that pattern...and I want the outfit (for Khloe, of course!) exactly as it is in the photo...SO CUTE! I like your ideas even better than the twirly skirt that 'stole' your fabric (hehehe!) and made a twirly skirt of their own. And I think the jeans would be adorable, too!! Oh, you creative woman, You!...I can't wait to see what you come up with. DO SHARE the after photos with us, will you. AND if you list it on Ebay, be sure to let me know!! ;)

I really should go to bed now. But having just got over the flu, my hours are MESSED UP... AGAIN! I'm naturally a night owl, but have been 'trying' to change that before Khloe comes home...or else I'm in TROUBLE!! ;)

Shawna&Co. said...

I LOVE different fabric twirly skirts! Well for the girls not me ;) I have been eyeing them forever! I'd love to have a couple. I'll even trade jewels ;)

I'd need help measuring the girls though ;) Serious.. :) Maybe I could just come watch you make one. I need serious sewing help LOL

Have I convinced you yet to let me "help" you :)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Can you send me the links you found? I might find some time to tackle some sewing this summer. The girlies live in anything twirly, and I have never attempted a skirt. They did some ebay modeling a long time ago and designers sent skirts to model. It was a blast. If you ever want a model to offer up some of your sewing skills for sale let me know.
Great fabric, BTW! Do you have embroidery capabilities? If not, I can always do that part for you if you venture into making the outfit you dreamed up!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Hmm, I have a pint sized model who I'd LOVE to measure :)

These are adorable!!!!

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