Thursday, April 29, 2010

100 Children ... in my house

Okay, not real children ... but a quiet, tidy bunch.

I am so psyched to have swooped in with the winning bid in the last 4 minutes of the LWB auction for this beautiful tapestry! I held the bid for DAYS at $19 ... until losing it on Tuesday early-on in the bidding. I thought it was gone for sure just like the one I bid on during last year's auction and I was okay with that ... I thought anyway. (My apologies to anybody who also was bidding on this.) But I'm really looking forward to hosting these children on my walls. And as for the "fortune" mentioned below in the desciption ... well ... children are a blessed fortune and treasure from God! (I will remind myself of this when I hear and see my children doing some of the things that these children are doing in the tapestry ... like wrestling, fighting with sticks, jumping off of walls or climbing really tall trees--all those things children love and yet give moms gray hair!)

Green 100 Children Tapestry
13" x 26" tapestry adorned with 100 hand-embroidered children on a green silk background. A beautiful example of this traditional Chinese art form. (Note the silk appears dark blue or black in the photographs, but it is a lovely dark green.)

The “100 Children” theme is popular in Chinese embroidery. It symbolizes longevity (and more children), continued fortune, and is an auspicious pattern that can bring good luck. A person’s descendants are the very foundation of wealth, but also a good start in life. They bring an atmosphere of joy, and having 100 children (between the lot of them) can help a person to resolve most any problem.

May this tapestry bring good fortune to the home that displays it!

I have not heard a grand total on the Born In My Heart Auction 2010 yet, but I will post one when I hear. I do know that one of the surgeries they were hoping to cover with the proceeds was for a little girl with bladder exstrophia. The first time I had ever heard of that was with my friend Tanya's little girl, Khloe. Tanya is in the final days of her fundraiser to bring her little girl (who is very much healed and healthy thanks to a life saving surgery.) Please visit her page and leave her an uplifting comment, say a prayer and if possible donate to Khloe's fund. Even a little drop joins other drops to become a huge waterfall of blessings! Don't think your gift could ever be too little. Especially the gift of prayer.


Tara Anderson said...

Congratulations!!! I had my eye on that one as well, but I had NO idea where I would hang it! Glad you got it! :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

I don't know where I'm going to hang it either ... but I just know I will find just the right place once it's here!

The Sanders Family said...

I love the idea of using it as a reminder of children being God's fortune to us as we see them kicking, or wrestling, etc. Ha ha. I need a reminder like that this morning in fact ;)

The family

The family