Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blessings Flow

Mei Faith Studio Necklace

This necklace was designed by Michelle of Mei Faith Studio and donated to Mandi's fundraiser to bring her son Drew home. (As a side note Matt and Mandi JUST left today for China to receive their boyS ... what beautiful timing!) And you really need to check out Mei Faith Studio on etsy too! And I am happy and blessed to say that having been winner #12 on the BringingDrewHome fund-raiser drawing ... it is now mine! And truly I have had my eye on it since falling in love with this necklace instantly when I saw it when the fundraiser first went live a month or more ago. I was THRILLED to see that it was still available as a prize when it was my turn to choose too!

I love this necklace for SO many reasons. First, I love rocks. It's been a life-long passion to pick up beautiful pieces of places where I've been: Canada, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Florida ... and other than the smooth pieces of jasper from an incredible beach in Maine, most of my finds are definitely in their rough, natural state. So when this artist created this necklace from gems that she personally chose and brought back from her trip to China for the adoption of one of her daughters and then heartfully strung them gem by gem with this adoption fund-raiser in mind ... wow, it just doesn't get more special than that. It's like having a personal story worn right next to my heartbeat between my head and my heart. This is especially special to me since I'm not certain I will ever actually journey to China to "touch it" on my own.

I am so thrilled to be able to share this beautiful necklace with you all here. Michelle is a very talented artist and creates a beautiful story with her work. She and her family are very close to traveling for their first son Benjamin too. And this is a cool twist to the story. After emailing Michelle that I had won, she emailed for my address in order that she could send it to me. When I received her email with her full name, it was so familiar ... and suddenly it became clear to me that she was THE Michelle that had her own fund raiser earlier in the fall which I donated to and also had won a beautiful Willow Tree ornament (which in another twist was donated to the fundraiser by a friend of hers who lives here in IA and grew up not far from where I live and has a daughter adopted from ND.) I have been following Michelle's family's journey to Benjamin for months now never knowing that she was such a talented jewelry artist! What a small world, eh?! And I can bet that God is chuckling at me in my amazement at this little "Godincidence."

Oh it's the little details that simply amaze me and probably delights Him.

Here's what Michelle shares about the necklace:
MY IMPERIAL GEMS ~ Red & Orange Chinese Jade, Goldstone and Smoky Quartz Choker Necklace
During our last adoption journey to China, I was able to get my hands on some exquiste pieces of red & orange jade. I have been saving a majority of these pieces for a design that has been swirling in my mind since coming home from our last trip in 2008. At hearing of Mandi & Matt's story, I was compelled to finally sit down and design that piece ~ especially for them ~ using these precious gemstones from a country that truly has a strong hold on all of our hearts.
With using only the finest Chinese Jade, orange Chinese jade, goldstone, smoky quartz and sterling silver...I could find, this chocker necklace is as unusal as it is stunning! This necklace is also made with non-tarnish memory wire so you won't have the hassle of clasps & hooks. It truly fits like a dream and looks amazing on. )))))))))

I received the necklace yesterday ... and put it on immediately! It truly does fit like a dream and looks absolutely amazing! I can't wait to visit her etsy site again and see more of her creations!

This is such a blessed time right now for so many of you and my heart is SO happy with God's provision! Blessings certainly do overflow over and over again. I encourage anyone reading this post to donate to the fundraisers that these adoptive families are hosting ... the gift goes beyond being a "winner" of a prize (which I can attest to the fact that you DO actually win and sometimes even often!) But the gift lies so much deeper in the heart to know that there is a little person who is finally home in the arms of their forever-parents and that God is so pleased that YOU reached out to help make that happen. He could do it all on His own ... but He chooses to let us help.
Keep your eyes open--there will be opportunities VERY SOON that will present themselves to you. Promise!
God provides them.


Tara Anderson said...

I love the necklace! And it's just so cool how "small" the adoption world is! Hopefully by this time next week OUR world will be alot smaller! :) God is definitely at work in our little circles!

P.S. I grabbed Khloe's button from your page! Love it!!!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Valerie- this is so neat on so many levels!! I know that God is indeed smiling as you discover all the little circles He has woven together.

You have to post a picture of just how beautiful that amazing necklace looks on

The Sanders Family said...

So glad you won that beautiful necklace, and I do mean beautiful! You deserve it!!! Congrats :) So neat to see so many believers working together to place God's children into loving homes too!

Shannon said...

Valerie!!!!! Yeah! I love that you won such a special necklace. You have such a beautiful heart for the Lord and for His precious little ones waiting for families...thanks for sharing!!!!

The family

The family