Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cross My Heart--and One Year of Blogging

Last Year's quilt--"Wrapped in the Arms of Esther-Soli Deo Gloria"

My very first blog post was on April 7th of last year and to be honest the BIGGEST motivating factor behind it was posting about the Love Without Boundaries Born In My Heart Art Auction. It was such a blessing to have the opportunity to be a part of something so much bigger by making something for this art auction. And I wanted to tell somebody and spread the word. True, it was just a small quilt, but through it I spread the word about the event to a handful of my friends which tricked down to a few more and then a bunch of people left some comments and ultimately it was auctioned off for $132 which helped 5 little children receive the heart surgeries that gave them stronger hearts!

So this year, one year later, I look back on where I started, and on my posts and the blog friends I've connected with and really stand back and say, "wow, this is really cool!" I love reading about how God is moving in the lives of people near and far.

And this year, once again, I'm posting to remind you that The LWB Art Auction is in just a few weeks! It is set up on ebay and runs from April 22nd thru the 27th. There are some beautiful things that will be up for bid so you really must check it out! And don't worry, not all items are WAY expensive. But it is a great way of seeing how many little things add up to great big things.

As for my entries this year, I have 4 that I sent in on my own and one very special outfit that I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a fellow artist, Kelly, from Girly-Girl Bowtique on putting together. I made the skirt and she created the embroidered shirts and hair accessories. It is simply adorable and I hope to work with her again on something down the road. It was so fun to collaborate together with another talented artist AND for such a great cause too! Remember to check out The Born In My Heart Art Auction.
Here are some photos of my entries this year, including the first 3 photos of the project I worked with Kelly to create.)

Love's Spring Blossom Outfit (includes black tee, peach tank, hair bows and skirt--size 6/8)

Ruffle-Bug Skirt (size 4/6)

Lil Bug Skirt (size 2/4)

"Cross My Heart--For Tristan" Table-Top Square/Wall Art (this can be used hung on the wall or as an accent on a table when the dowel stick is removed)

"Cross My Heart" Table Runner

The idea of the table runner and the fabrics chosen for it originally sprouted out of a project I had in mind for a certain someone's birthday ... the birthday has passed and I haven't finished it or gotten it in the mail yet ... because it then seemed so perfect for this project too which was calling to me with a distinct deadline! However ... it will be getting to her eventually, and I don't think the recipient will mind it being a little late, especially considering the cause. Also, in the in-between time it grew out into the individual square idea in honor of a little boy.
I wrote this about the The Wall/Table Art and the Table Runner:

This delightful piece is a single quilted block created from the same fabrics and design that are found in the "Cross My Heart" Quilted Table Runner (also included in the LWB Art Auction.) I created this pair of quilted pieces this year with the children who have crossed my heart throughout this past year in mind, especially those with the special need of a heart condition. I have named this single square "Cross My Heart--For Tristan" in honor of a very sweet little boy. Tristan is a sweetheart from NDFH who was called home suddenly in February. Although he did not find adoption into his very own family while here on earth, his life and story has touched the hearts of so many. He has been called out from the rest and placed in the lap of our God and I can only imagine the joy his smile beams with right now. What a blessing he was to those who played with him and were his buddies at New Day and also to those who cared for him and opened their hearts to love him and had their hearts broken when it was his time to leave so suddenly.

The design of this pair of quilted pieces is based on the traditional "Blackford's Beauty" pattern. Jewel-toned squares of oriental floral fabric accent the corner blocks in a diagonal fashion, drawing the eye toward the aqua toned star in the center of the piece. The heart of the quilted piece however is the cross design found in the chocolate colored fabric that also has notes of gold and aqua dancing through its fabric's print. The center of each cross anchors the colors in a strong striped pattern of chocolate, gold, aqua, and avocado. The background fabric for both the single quilted piece and the table runner is a neutral tone on tone floral pattern.

Size is 12.5" x 12.5" (includes a pocket for a rod to hang on the wall or it can lay flat to be display on a table.)
Hand pieced, machine quilted


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness, you are so talented!!!!! Those are BEAUTIFUL items. I love this auction. Last year we won a free blog design and in the process "met" the sweetest teenage girl who helped us daily with our blog while we were in China. What better cause could there possibly be???? Thanks for sharing!

The Sanders Family said...

Gorgeous!!! Once again, you are quite the talented sewing machine my girl! :) So glad you started blogging one year ago! :)

Tami said...


You are SO TALENTED, and your giving heart simply blows me away! I will definitely be checking this auction out:-).

Happy Easter to you all! I love the pictures of your boys. Sunrise service with three little ones???? I';m impressed. We skipped that service and went to the 9:30 instead, though this year was the first year in a LONG time we actually had beautiful weather for Easter...I'm sure sunrise service was beautiful at the ocean.

Love and hugs,

Lexilooo said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I LOVE that Cross my Heart pattern! Maybe I should try it. I am actually a beginner quilter...is this terribly difficult?

Tara Anderson said...

Oh Valerie!!! I love everything!!! I think this auction is going to be quite a success. :) And congrats on your blogging anniversary...I didn't realize we started so close to the same time! How cool is that?!?1

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