Friday, April 16, 2010

Khloe's Button (or "Khloe: Cuter Than A Button")

This is Khloe!
I have the incredible honor of having a part in her adoption journey! AND you can too. See her BLOG BUTTON in the green and pink button box in the sidebar?! GRAB it and put it on your blog and post about her so that the word spreads that her family is humbly asking for a little help to bring her home!
It's not easy to ask for help. But I am certain that God uses these instances as teaching lessons for all of us. He could do things all on His own, but He chooses to include US! So, with that in mind, see if you can give $5 or $10 or $50, whatever your heart feels led to give. As I mentioned in the last post, God provides opportunities for all of us to be a part of something BIGGER. And your heart will just beat a little deeper and a little happier for it!

It's very easy to grab the button. If you want a quick lesson, (it's similar to adding music or other photos to your sidebar)
• Go to "Customize" in the upper right menu bar of Blogger
• Then go to "Layout"
• then "Add Gadget"
• then choose "HTML/Java Script"
• In the pop up box add a title
• and paste the code in the Content box

(Copy and paste all of the code in the html box below (or in the button on my sidebar) into the content box you'll need to highlight and scroll or click and select all to get it all, it's pretty long!
The Almy Family Journal

I am so happy that Tanya asked if anyone could make a blog button for her. I cannot explain it really how DRIVEN I felt to do this. (As a graphic designer it's kinda up my alley of things to do, but without my favorite design tool Photoshop, my first thought was, awww, too bad I am not equipped to help. But ... it didn't end there fortunately and before I knew it (and about 20 emails back and forth later) this button was born! And even though designing it was kinda like doing surgery with a straw by cutting and pasting in my Preview mode (ha!) It worked! And it was an opportunity for me to learn something new and now I can make buttons (yay!) which is something that I've been wanting to know how to do for some time. (FYI for anyone needing a button.) But if she hadn't have asked, I would not have taken the time to figure it out ... to sacrifice whatever it was I would have filled that little bit of time with ... and I wouldn't have this deep feeling of purpose and accomplishment inside everytime I see that button ... and knowing that maybe I'll have the opportunity to help someone else out in the future with a similar need. You see ... God equips those He calls.

What a joy it is for me to be following Khloe's family and to see God working in so many lives! I am so excited to see Khloe's purpose and life unfold especially as she blossoms even further in this God-loving family.

Tanya and her family leave for China to get their Khloe sometime around the second week in May!!! That time is going to go SO fast. Please visit their family blog AND Khloe's fundraising site. There are some really neat-o prizes that you can win! Just follow the instructions in her post. And leave her an uplifting comment while you are at it! --And you can leave me one too so I know you were here :-)
God provides so many opportunities for us to be a part of something bigger. Join in this one!


Tara Anderson said...

Have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE the button? You did a great job!!!

Tami said...


You are so special! GREAT job with the button;-).

God bless...


Shannon said...

Yeah!!!!!!! That button is adorable! I am so excited for Tanya! You did a great job! Someone is re-designing my blog for me (to help make more room for adoption awareness stuff) and they are making buttons, otherwise I would TOTALLY have you do it. I know that there are a lot of people who are fundraising who do not have buttons, probably half of the links on my site. I just made cheater ones (because I have no idea how to do it).
You amaze me!!!!

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