Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love Without Boundaries-Born In My Heart Art Auction

The Born In My Heart Art Auction starts TODAY and runs for one week on ebay from April 22nd thru 27th.
These are some of the things you'll find there. Check it out!
Love's Spring Blossom Outfit (includes black tee, peach tank, hair bows and skirt--size 6/8)

Ruffle-Bug Skirt (size 4/6)

Lil Bug Skirt (size 2/4)

"Cross My Heart--For Tristan" Table-Top Square/Wall Art (this can be used hung on the wall or as an accent on a table when the dowel stick is removed)

"Cross My Heart" Table Runner

And if you like the table runner ... you can also enter a chance to winner it's twin at www.


Girly Girl Mommy said...

Bring on the bids!!

Oh dear Lord, please use this event to raise much needed funds to provide life saving operations to these children we know are so near and dear to Your heart!!

Beautiful work, Valerie!!

(& Let's collaborate again)

~Love ya,

Tara Anderson said...

Hey, you've made it back to your blog!!! I guess I should have knowm that you would make this post a top priority...even I woke up this morning thinking, "The LWB Auction starts today!" and I didn't contribute anything! I pray that God rewards your efforts for BOTH fundraisers and turns your "fishes and loaves" into MORE than enough! Your faithfulness is such a blessing and a delight to see!

P.S. I'm still "on cloud nine" from our super fun visit yesterday!!! :)

TanyaLea said...

OH my...GORGEOUS WORK, Valerie! I love that you and Kelly put your talents together for this. COUNT ME IN for next year! :) Have I told you before how much I love your generous heart?! Oh Yah, maybe I have, a time or two... but I'm tell'in ya again... I LOVE YOUR GENEROUS HEART! ...and I pray that God blesses both you and Kelly abundantly for your donations given with so much sincere love. You are both a blessing! LWB is an amazing organization, and I'm so glad you taught me about their auctions. Like I said, I'm on board next year, so keep me posted!

And I have to say... LOVE the outfit you put together. From the tank and t-shirt, to the GORGEOUS layered skirt...LOVE the layers...just beautiful...and the fabric is gorgeous, too! You are so gifted!!

Have a blessed weekend!!

Love & Hugs,

The family

The family