Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunday Snapshot--Easter Hams

Today Brayden discovered that it was not the E. Bunny who came with candy, but mom. He is currently in a state of denial as to how to reconcile these two thoughts. (post to come on that, I'm just home between services turning on the Crock Pot of potatoes ... oh yes, and blogging quick to share some of my Easter "hams.")

Here's how last night unfolded.
6PM Brayden goes to bed on his own because he is exhausted. (Yes, he was tired and grumpy, smart boy!)
But at 9PM he woke up with a bad cough and many questions about when it would be Easter ...
9:15PM Sat. Night ... "how long until the Easter Bunny comes?"
11PM Sat. Night ... " how long until morning mom?"
I kid you not ... 3:30AM!!!!!!! "did the Easter Bunny come yet?!"
6AM ... the kids wake up to find that the Easter Bunny did arrive ... for most of the boys that is.
6:30AM up and at 'em ready for Sunrise Service
Brayden, Easton, Nolan and the Scooby Doo ball that was an Easter gift from mom and dad. It had to be in the picture ... or else this happened.

Ni Hao Y'all


Stefanie said...

Oh no!! Looks like there was a little drama at your house this Easter!
We've spilled the beans about the Easter bunny... and we sleep a little better now on Easter eve ;)
Happy Easter to you and your crew... hope the day just got better :)

Prairie Lady said...

What handsome little men you have.

The Sanders Family said...

Sorry Valerie, but lol. His is too funny! Really, 3 a.m.??? Crazy! Well, I have to tell you a funny story...Gabe came home from school yesterday and says, "Mom, Brayden told me today that there really isn't an Easter bunny, and I was like, 'yeah, duh!'" OOps! Glad Brayden found out from you rather than Gabe. I think we've trained the kids to keep the Easter bunny secret from others fairly well, but I always am concerned Gabe will spill the beans around Easter time :) Sorry you had such a long night, but hope your Easter was a blessed one with your mom and family!!!

Kristi said...

That top shot is absolutely precious, but wow, the other one looks like it would fit in at my house!
And wow, I was usually like that on Christmas Eve as a kid, but can't say I was ever that excited about the EB...
Glad to discover your blog, when I'm not chasing kiddos around or headed to surgery follow up visits this week I'll be "getting to know you" a bit!
(Fireworks and Fireflies)

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