Saturday, April 24, 2010

Texas: It's Like a Whole 'Nother Country

We just returned from our second ever true family vacation (our first family va-k was to Colorado to ski at Copper Mtn. in 2007. We were able to just beat a terrible ice storm that hit at our heels and managed to shut down the entire midwest ... but only to have our truck and all of our belongings (including our winter coats) stolen from our hotel parking lot on the first night. But that's another post for a different day!)
I'm happy (no ... estatic and relieved) to say that THIS trip was without any drama or crisis (T.Y. God!) and we are left saying ... We Love Texas!

We've been planning to visit Jeff's best friend (since they were in the first grade together) who was also our best man in our wedding for about 10 years now ...and finally we made it happen and it was so sweet in so many ways. It was such a blessing to share time with a Godly family who had such an impact on Jeff while he was growing up. They have the most loving home--oh how I pray that God's plans still include filling it with children in His time and way--but how incredible to be able to share our children with them at this time. And although the first 3 days brought rain and a 50 degree cold snap, it didn't stop these hardy Iowans/half Minnesotans from enjoying the backyard pool (even if the neighbors thought we were CRAZY!) I will admit however that by day 3 my enthusiasm dipped and the thought of braving the goosebumps made me a bit grumpy! The boys both finally learned to trust their lifejakets to help them float and enjoyed swimming like fish in the pool (don't worry we had on eye on them too.) We also enjoyed the Fort Worth Zoo (all 4.5 hours of it ... I think the boys would have been happy with 3.5 hours!)

and the Fort Worth Stockyards

Where there was an unexpected treasure found ... Nolan found this beautiful ladybug jeweled pendant on the ground and gifted me with it!

It will be very special to my for so many reasons ... but mostly because it was from Nolan and also because it came at a moment that just lifted my spirits in a way that only God could have known.

BUT one of the most cool parts of the trip (for me) was getting to meet up with a blog friend in the REAL world! Who would ever have thought that our paths would cross ... but traveling less than 30 minutes from her I had to at least ask if she wanted to meet and yay! She did! Tara and her family got to share the EXCITING news with me in person about their newly found SON! What a surprise (a joyful one!) as I thought they were looking for a daughter, Soryn. What a beautiful thing to see God shape and prepare their hearts to KNOW that this was their son. What a sweetheart he is by the way! And as a mom of 3 boys I just beam with delight for them! I don't think we will ever be able to top this vacation, or at least not for a LONG time. I hope to post some photos when I get things back in order.
What a crazy time to be gone with the Love Without Boundaries Born In My Heart Art Auction just kicking off on Thursday as well as another bloggy friend's fundraiser for her daughter Khloe in full swing ... Please check them out by clicking on their links!

So in short, We love Texas. And I hope to post photos someday!


Tara Anderson said...

I'm SO glad you loved Texas!!! We loved having you here, by the way! :) You'll definitely have to do it more often...I'm all for next year!

Carrie said...

I'm also glad you love TX. It has a soft spot in my heart. Wish I could have been there, too! :)

The Sanders Family said...

Woohoo! So glad you all had a GREAT vacation! So glad it wasn't like our Colorado vacation, which I'm afraid tainted your view of the state and skiing. You'll have to give it another chance sometime ;) You and your family deserve some rest, relaxation and swimming, so glad you had an awesome time in Texas. And again, so cool you and Tara got to meet up. God is so good!

The family

The family