Sunday, May 2, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover--The Carr Family

If you missed tonight's episode of Extreme Home Makeover (Sunday, May 2nd--The Carr Family, episode 726) you should definitely check it out here!

I truly do not watch much television (other than the hockey channel or the Boomarang Cartoon Channel, both of which are usually running in the background) and so the fact that I saw the preview for THIS show is pretty amazing. Actually, Brayden saw the preview first and was excited to tell me about "these children without feet from an orphanage." Okay ... well, he kinda paraphrased and got some of it right ... but it is so cool to see him being molded in a good way about the things around him and that there are challenges that others face that he (and most of us) take so for granted.

I emailed a couple of you in hopes that you would watch the show, but it was so good I wanted to pass the word along further if possible. Of course it is something that touches my heart for so many reasons which if you follow my blog you're not going to need help understanding.

The Carr family have adopted 4 children from Kazakhstan ... 2 of which have amniotic band syndrome which did not allow certain appendages to grow while they were being formed in their mother's womb. To see these children and ALL they can do is amazing! I was crying on and off during the whole thing ... happy tears only of course. It only gets better too ... because one of the little girls, Ryanne, who is 7 and has prosthesis for BOTH legs and is quick as a jackrabbbit!, decided to donate all her outgrown "leg prostethis" to the amputees in Haiti. It is such a touching episode and one that speaks volumes on not setting limits on yourself or others on what you can do. Watch it and enjoy!
And as a side note ... I hope that Samuel's forever family was watching that episode and is being prepared at this very moment for him and ALL that his bright future will hold! (I cannot explain where all this hope comes from that I feel for him when I see him ... but it's there and so real.) And I also pray that God will use this family's story/journey/heart of love as a way of opening hearts of other families who are or will be considering adoption to grow their family to consider children with limb differences.
God is good. :-)


Tara Anderson said...

We took a family day (after church) that lasted well into last night, so I didn't get to catch the episode...although I plan on watching it! :) Like you I hope that Samuel's forever family saw these stories or heard on similar to them and had their fears and hesitations blown out of the water! I also hope that some of the families watching had their hearts turned toward special needs adoption!!!

Gretchen said...

I LOVE that show! It is one of the only shows that I watch every week. It was a great story...and I always cry! That little sweety would wear me out! What a marvelous life God has in store for her. It could have been so different if this family had not said "yes". There are so many more out there like these children. It just shows us that we absolutely CAN make a HUGE difference in even one child's life!

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