Friday, May 21, 2010

The look of 7

Things are busy here with the end of the school year nearly here, baseball in full swing, hockey continuing, the Blessings A Hundred Fold fundraiser just about to kick-off ... AND Brayden turning 7 on Tuesday!

It is incredible that 7 years have already flown by!

Here is our birthday boy and his birthday cheesecake:

His birthday surprise! A new bike!

And he's off ...

We topped off the night with an evening at the local golf course to hit some balls and practice on the greens.

Happy Birthday Brayden! We love you!


Tara Anderson said...

Happy Birthday, Brayden!!! Whoa...check out all these kids that are turning seven! Eli will be there in less than a month and Kelly just posted about Piper's seventh as well! I didn't realize all the kids were SO close in age!!!

The Sanders Family said...

Happy Seventh Birthday Brayden! When I picked Coop up from preschool the other day and went to the edge of the playground to see the boys, Brayden made sure to tell me all about his new bike. I think he picked a winner...he was so very excited! Looks like a fun day! Good thing you didn't have Gabe come along to the golf course ;) Bad memories, Ha!

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The family