Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Snapshot--A Heart of Giving

My Sunday Snapshot today is aimed at your heart.

I'm kicking off a fundraiser today that I pray you will stop by and visit, support and pray for.
The "suggested donation fundraiser" is for The Rippee family, who live in China, and are in prayer for adopting a child into their family. Okay, actually, they remain in prayer ... they have embarked on the long paperwork trail and are stepping out in faith as they don't know how it will financially happen for them.
They don't have U.S. salaries but instead volunteer their time at a foster home ...

They aren't plugged into the adoption blog network like so many of us are and yet have had a hand in helping so many families connect with orphaned children by directing a Child Sponsorship Program ...

This fundraiser isn't even being pulled together by someone who has oodles of adoption networking friends or has lived the road of adoption personally. But it's something that I have felt so called to help with ... for them ... for this child who needs parents ... but ultimately because God asked me.
No, not verbally ... but with a tug at my heart that could not be ignored and that has been confirmed over and over again even through some tough moments. And believe me I've been scared at more than a few moments, now included. But I just have an overwhelming calm when I continue to offer it to God as what I can do and offer it to YOU as something you can do too.

The Rippee's do have is a passion for helping orphans and a heart for Christ ... and they do have FAITH that God will make this personal family adoption happen.

Please visit their blog at to read their story and to heartfully consider supporting them. You'll notice their button on my sidebar. If you put that on your blog and make a post you'll earn some extra entries into the suggested-donation fundraiser too!

I cannot wait to see the snapshot of our hearts when we all come together around them!

Ni Hao Y'all


Stefanie said...

You did a FANTASTIC job, Valerie! And I read on Rita's blog of all the support she's already got for her fundraiser!! WOOHOOO!!

Monica said...

Great cause! Wishing them well...

Chris said...

What an amazing family!
What an amazing fundraiser!!

I love how God tugged on your heart..and how you responded!!

Thanks for sharing!!

The family

The family