Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Art for the Heart-Some LWB Auction Results

Remember This?  (if not click on the words to find out more about it.)
(Ruffle Bug Twirly-Girl Skirt by Ruffled Feathers ... my new little company)

It has now become a part of a picture of this: Health, Happiness & Hope.

This is Todd (shown here with his foster father.) He received two heart surgeries that were quite expensive recently.  However, Love Without Boundaries was able to fund both of his surgeries  – and essentially save Todd’s life — through generous donations given towards his care by their International Children’s Day “Sponsor a Child” program as well as funds raised through LWB’s annual “Born In My Heart” Art Auction (where the above skirt along with 2 more and a table runner donated by me along with SO many other beautiful items from talented and generous people were all donated and auctioned off on ebay in April.)  Many of us love the thrill of finding and competing for treasures during this annual art auction, but it’s even more thrilling to see tangible evidence of a life completely changed through the auction’s profits. 

Thank you to each and every one of you who prayed, bid, won or contributed, in one way or another to this year's auction —and to healing Todd’s heart!
I cannot wait for next year's Art Auction to come around. Plan now and mark your calendars to donate something to next year's auction in April and to bid on some beautiful things that are rich with beautiful tomorrows.

And if you are curious about getting your own Ruffle-bug skirt (like the one above or any of the other skirts in previous posts,) email me or post a comment to the most recent post to let me know what you are wishing for. I am currently making skirts and apron dresses and hoping to have something blog-wise set up at some point this summer or early Fall.
To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist. ~Schumann
You can read more of Todd's story HERE on LWB blog.


Heather said...

Would you look at that sweetie pie. LWB is a wonderful organization and our guide in Changsha was Yvonne Huicong
China Director of Education and Hunan Regional Director w/LWB. She is a precious lady with a sincere heart for these kiddos! I am so encouraged by your heart and outpouring of love for the "least of these" You may not see it here on earth but my friend ... one day I have no doubt you will hear Jesus say, "well done".

Randy and Rita Rippee said...

What a beautiful skirt! I love it!! And for such a worthy cause! You truly are a huge blessings to so many, Valerie!! Thank you for having such a beautiful heart!

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