Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Black and White Wednesday--"The Skirtings" Taking Shape

But ya gotta see it in color ...
The background is a blush peach, the flags and flowers have a delicate coloring and an antique feel, the blue is a refreshing periwinkle sea with a swirling paisley pattern.

I am so excited to sew this together ... unfortunately my husband has fixed the lawn mower (for the third time already this summer--he's so handy! And NO! I have not been sabotaging it ... we're just exceptionally hard on it I think.) And the lawn is SO LONG after being away for a week that I have to give my attention to that first today.

However, I decided to give you all a peek (and relieve some of this creative excitement that I have.)  Hopefully someone finds this as cute as I do. I'm also considering a version in a twirly girl skirt. I would love to read any feedback, positive or negative, that you may have ... especially helpful criticism! I'm debating whether to sew the straps onto the back or whether to put two more knots ... or maybe I should consider buttons. Anybody have one of these knot dresses and have experience what you like and don't like about the strap-system? Also ... what would be a reasonable price for something like this (you can email me that if you don't want to leave that as a comment. hee hee) If you haven't read yesterday's post on this crazy idea I have and where the $$ from these will be going, please read yesterday's post on "The Skirtings and a Crazy Idea."

And to quell your fears that this is going to be a bikini top dress ... this is what it will potentially look like once it is sewn together (without that gap in the middle.)

Did I mention that the Fourth of July is on a Sunday this year?! Your little firecracker will look SO SWEET in this gem!


Tara Anderson said...

I am SO glad you posted a color picture of the dress! When I first saw it in black-and-white I thought you were playing a mean trick on us! :) But anyway, I absolutely LOVE the fabric, and I think the dress is adorable!!! Great job! :)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Beautiful fabric and dress! LOL about the bikini look (I did wonder for 1/2 a second). WHile we don't have that style dress, I'd wonder about knots on the back- would be uncomfortable if the child sat flush against a chair. I'd go for sewn in the back.

PS- Any way Oliver can make his way back to VA? Piper's last day of school is next week. No prob if He can't- she was just asking.

WilxFamily said...

Oh my goodness?! Can your creations be any more beautiful?!

The dress is absolutely stunning. I LOVE the fabric too.

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness Valerie!!!! I NEED one of these for Chloe. Seriously! LOVE IT! It would be PERFECT for the fourth of July parade we'll be in for Sanders for Supervisor! PERFECT! Hint, hint! ;)

The Sanders Family said...

Ok, so I made my last comment before I got a chance to actually read your post. Ha! I just saw the photo and LOVED it so much that I jumped to commenting before I read the whole thing.

So...Chloe has a Matilda Jane knot dress and another knot dress that both have sewn straps in the back. They've both been nice, so there's my two cents. Although knots or buttons would surely work too I would think???

Also, I absolutely LOVE the fabric. I love the vintage feel, love the blue color, love everything about it!

AND...the fourth is on a Sunday? I think Chloe would LOVE to wear this to church ;)

Seriously, if you have one ready in a 3t, I would definitely be interested!!! Shameless, aren't I?! Boy I wish I could sew. But instead, I can be your number one customer!!! :)

Valerie and Jeff said...

SO funny that I took note that I asked you on Sunday what size Chloe wears--hint hint-- I need a model! (At that point I wasn't sure if I was going to jump in and really do this or not I didn't want to say anything ... but it was brewing big time!)

I am looking forward to trying it on her when I get it sewn ... I'm so excited!
And I think the blue would look beautiful with her eyes especially! A parade AND Sunday on the Fourth--ahhhhh--I think the dress is already looking forward to it :-)

Terri said...

What a gorgeous dress! I love it! Do you sell these? I'm going back and reading your blog!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH BEAUTIFUL!!! Yes, please tell you sell them? I am so envious....I can barely sew a button on a shirt let alone make a dress:)


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