Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Jeff!

Happy Birthday Jeff!
(yes, this is actually a photo of Jeff's first birthday!)

And here he is in a softer moment with mom.
(Doesn't he remind you of Easton and Nolan?)

What a lil' trooper--even as a lil' guy. 
Sa-lute! to you too!
love you SO much.


Tara Anderson said...

Happy Birthday, Jeff!!! And I love the old photos from when he was a baby! I do see your boys in him! :)

The Sanders Family said... I feel really, really bad that I didn't wish him a happy birthday. I remember now that Jeff's birthday is a mere week after Nolan's {and Cooper's!} but I didn't remember last night! Tell Jeff HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us! Hope he has a blessed day! And also, yes! Those photos of Jeff as a young boy do look so much like Easton and Nolan. Wow! :)

Lexilooo said...

love that wallpaper!

happy birthday Jeff! enjoy the day!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

Wishing Jeff a most wonderful birthday!!!

WilxFamily said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! You certainly have a lot to celebrate, especially which such cute boys, who are a perfect mix of their mom and dad.

Best wishes on your BIG day!

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The family