Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Photo Flashback Tuesday

While looking for photos for my husband's birthday post last week, I remembered a CD I had made when we got married 10 (TEN!) years ago--(I had made a little slideshow for our wedding reception of him growing up ... and of me growing up ... and US together ... aaawwweeeee--sooooo sweet!)

Anyway, I came across these photos I felt were post-worthy and I would share with you all.
When Jeff was in his 2's (not sure when exactly ... but the edge of one photo is printed August, so I'm guessing he was about Nolan's age when he did this!) he "jumped" out of the swing his mom was pushing him in. Now ... I guess this was before they had baby-safe swings (gulp!) and his mom must have trusted his 2-year old decision making ability. (Which, since just this week our almost FIVE year old jumped out of a jogging stroller WHILE we were jogging I can no longer be overly critical! (ack) I'm now seeing a family trait appear. hah! (Easton was not hurt in the stroller jumping incident by the way, outside of a skinned knee ... thank goodness we are SLOW joggers--ha!)

Anyway ... this was not such a good move by Jeff when he was two. He did learn a big lesson in consequences though! He broke his leg and was in the hospital in traction for over 6 weeks (as a two year old!) and that was when ALL visitor's had to leave for the night at the end of "visiting hours!" Oh my goodness. I cannot imagine a child in the hospital without their parents at that age. I'm so glad they have changed that "rule" here in most hospitals and pray that they would do it elsewhere in the world too.)

His mom did say he was SO happy with all the attention his mom and grandma gave him during the hours that they doted on him every day all day during visiting hours!!! Lots of toys I hear too. (although he claims not to have had many toys ... hmmm.)

When he was released from the hospital he had a series of full body casts and had to learn to re-walk!
Anyway, I thought these photos ... although painful in so many ways are just too cute not to share! He looks like such a happy child! Even despite the unhappy situation! I am sure it had an impact on his patience and ability to adapt to new situations and struggles. Something we all can find value in when we look at our own questioning, stuggles and need for patience and relearning. I find it amazing how all of our life experiences shape us for things even far later in life and unexpected to us that God has been preparing us for all along.

(Remember to buckle those swings and strollers!)

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Tami said...


NO! I can't imagine having one of my kiddos in the ospital without me or John.

Your hubby looked like he was quite an easy going, confident child though looking at his smiles in that type of situation;-) PTL!

Oh Valerie...so much going on. I feel so behind in the blogging world !!!! I've been out of the loop for about a month! SIGH. S-L-O-Wly catching up.

Love and hugs,

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness! As you said, those photos of Jeff are painful, yet so cute and precious! I absolutely can't imagine my child being in the hospital for six weeks, let alone having to leave them every night. That must have been quite the experience for Jeff and his mom! Definitely a good lesson about safety! Oh, and I LOVE the big smile on Jeff's face. Such a trooper. Oh, and also LOVE the joke about you being a slow jogger. Ha!

The family

The family