Monday, June 7, 2010

The "Skirting" and a Crazy Idea

I made a skirt last month for a fundraiser for a blog-friend Tanya's trip to China. It was a wonderful success of a fundraiser and she is now back from the adventure of a lifetime with her new daughter and her new family of five! When I made the Lil' Umbrella Twirl Skirt for the fundraiser I had a sweet little girl in mind the entire time I sewed it ... oh how sweet when her mom actually WON the drawing for it! And to sweeten the fun a little more, before I sent it off I made an identical one for her "sister" who came from the same orphanage in China only months later. It was so fun to surprise them both with the skirts ... Georgia's came on the 9 month anniversary of the open-heart surgery that saved her life! What a blessing! And Ashlyn's was a complete surprise as the mailman was super-efficient in getting that package out to them before I got the chance to shoot them an email about the "skirting" that was about to take place.

I have to say, it is SO fun to surprise someone with a little blessing! :-)
And from them ... well, actually even before that, I've been toying with the idea of making some skirts or apron-knot dresses for raising funds. One reason is for the adoption fund-raiser for the Rippee Family at  another reason is for raising some funds for our church that is redoing their basement after some severe and ongoing flooding issues. It's kinda like waiting for that perfect time to jump into a jump rope ... waiting ... waiting ... knowing that you want to do it ... but scared that the rope is going to hit ya in the nose.
So ... I'm just going to jump in with both feet.
Please check back soon for some photos of some creations I would love to have you support ...
For a little girl and the family who is praying for a way to bring her into their forever home,
For a church and all the people who will use that church basement for years to come ... and also
For me who needs a creative outlet and also has a love to donate to other people's fundraisers ... but needs the means to do so. It'll be a three way split and a win-win-win. And a win for you too. I'll try to keep the prices low but the cuteness value high! I have a super SWEET idea for a 4th of July dress that will just be SO COOL especially with the Fourth of July on a Sunday this year! If anyone comments on the dress you can share with them about the Rippee Fundraiser, the fact that it is helping a church and also your love of helping orphans and mine. All that AND a cute skirt!
Check back ... and let the "skirtings" begin!


Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, girl - i LOVE the skirts! I love you using your talents to bless others! I can't wait for my "chance" to get one for my girl :)

The fundraiser looks AMAZING, by the way - it really came together - you did a great job! I am getting ready to blog about it & got the button on my blog! can't wait!!

Tara Anderson said...

Personally, I think your idea is pretty wonderful...and not crazy at all. :) Can't wait to see the ideas you're coming up with!!!

The Sanders Family said...

What a GREAT idea! Is this why you asked what size Chloe wears??? You know she would LOVE to model a skirt for you! ;) I just LOVE your heart. You are so very talented, and what a great idea to bless others with your talents! Let me know if you need any help, although as I've said before, I have NO sewing ability. Are you a good teacher too? ;)

Gretchen said...

Ashlyn absolutely LOVES her skirt! I will send you a picture of her in it so poor Nolan can have a break! Ha Ha!

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