Monday, July 19, 2010

Apron Dress--Another Skirtings from Ruffled Feathers

Remember my post about the skirts that I was working on under the name Ruffled Feathers? Here and Here and Here.Well, I have not forgotten them. Summer has been flying by ... with trips to see family and time outdoors ... and also getting Lyme disease at the tail end of our vacation ... that took me out of the picture for a good long week and a half. I am finally feeling much better again! (whew!)

I find so much joy in sewing these little skirts and dresses, I'm hoping something good will come from it. Maybe you'll see something that calls out to you, especially with the upcoming school year approaching?! This is the perfect time to plan ahead. I also have two skirts that I have been working on as well as this apron dress design.

Today I am featuring the Apron Dress that I posted about in June. It came at the perfect time for my friend Angie's Fourth of July parades that her family participated in for her husband's County Supervisor Compaign. Very cool. It is modeled by her daughter Chloe--much to Nolan's relief!-- I think he was going to draw the line pretty soon on the modeling gig. Thank you SO much Chloe for bringing some grins, twirls and fun to this dress! And thank you Angie for photo-ing it!

The dress is created using a floral and flag design printed on a light peach background. The bodice and hem line are accented by a gorgeous blue fabric with a whispy vine paisley in fine ivory-white. The straps and bodice interior feature a dainty peach print. If anyone is interested in this apron dress, or an apron dress using another combination of fabrics (I have MANY) please leave me a comment or email me. The apron dresses are currently priced at $35 but I'm open to suggestions and bartering.  ;-)

More "Ruffled Feathers" to follow this week ...
And hopefully a true full-featured website in time.


Lexilooo said...

That dress is beautiful, I want it for me!

TanyaLea said...

Oh my word, Valerie!...I LOVE THAT DRESS!! Little Chloe is the PERFECT model...sorry Nolan! ;) But I must say, her adorable little self does your work much better justice!! LOVE IT!

I can see an order in our future! :) I might be looking ahead to some fall or Christmas designs at this point...though I absolutely LOVE those fabric combinations ...we're just not in need of the flag theme right now, as she has a couple on those lines, but it's gorgeous!

WilxFamily said...

That dress is absolutely STUNNING!! You cute little model does a great job showing how fun and adorable it is too!

You really have a gift...lots of people sew...but this is WAY beyond 'sewing' WOW.

The family

The family