Friday, July 16, 2010

Blessed Baby!

Another blessing is being added to the bounty of the give-away at BlessingsAHundredFold!
And how perfect for a fundraiser for the adoption of a little girl--a gift certificate for a doll! But not just any doll. This is a doll from BabyBeBlessedDolls and if you are not already familiar with them, hold onto your heart because they are SO adorable!

Look at the personalize Scripture on their tummy!

Isn't your heart all floppy and full now?!

The folks at BabyBeBlessed have generously donated a gift certificate of $56! Enough to cover a PERSONALIZED doll including s/h! 
I am already so excited for all the winners. Can this fundraiser get any better?! 
Check out the Blessings blog to read more about this and the MANY other wonderful items that have been so generously donated! Spread the Word and Help to Grow a Family after God's Own Heart!

And check out their site HERE:

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The Sanders Family said...

This fund-raiser keeps getting better and better! Love these dolls!

The family

The family