Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm becoming a "not so out-doorsy" kinda girl real fast!

I was hopeful to return home from vacation to Northern Minnesota and post some beautiful photos of our trip ... We spent 8 days at the Jeff's family's "rustic (ie: no running water, and no electricity) cabin on a beautiful lake. It was the boys paradise ... and I found beautiful rocks to pick up and enjoy everywhere I turned! (I love rocks.) And then Friday came, and as we packed up our totes and bags I started feeling sick ... and then felt a little worse ... and a little worse ... and somehow, even though Moms are NOT allowed to ever be sick I was quite sick by Saturday night and even worse by Sunday when we returned home on the Fourth of July after the 8 hour car ride back home.

Let me tell you I was not very patriotic when I realized that all the doctor's offices would be closed on Monday due to the weekend holiday. So I waited (not thinking it was serious enough to visit the ER) and watched my temperature rise ... my headaches and body aches increase ... my use of Ibuprofin and Excedrin incredible ... I think my temp topped out at 104 (which I now have come to learn is pretty high--sure I would be concerned if my kids were above 102 ... but for some reason I didn't feel the same levels would be for me as well.) It was definitely miserable.

Anyway, I found out on Tuesday that I was infected by Lyme Disease from one of "generous" ticks up North during our camping or hiking adventures. Ack.

(photo courtesy of Web MD-I never saw the actual tick that bit my belly!!)

Of course not all ticks have the disease ... and I'm not sure why this particular one picked me to bite, but I AM thankful it chose me because Jeff isn't one to go to the doctor and I would NOT want the kids to feel this horrible or be exposed to the potential nasty side-effects if not detected and treated! It is treatable especially in the early stages with antibiotics-THANKFULLY--but if not treated it can be very serious to overall health. And the scary part ... as sick as I was/am, had it been fall and more influenza season or not directly after having come home from up-North where I KNEW I had been around lots of ticks, I may have thought it was a just nasty influenza bug that I would eventually beat. 

At first I thought I was having some problems with some female stuff because I had a strange lump and tenderness in my groin area--that was the first sign to me that something was definitely wrong! Now on the other side of knowing I've learned that it was my body filtering my blood and pouring all that into the lymph node very close to the infected bite site. The body is AMAZING! And it fights SO hard! 

I am thankful also that while I was IN the waiting room the "Bulls-eye" rash appeared at the site. I kid you not, I left home thinking I would mention Lyme Disease as a possibility but that I hadn't found any rash. I got to the appointment and the dr. gets to the exam part, she takes a 1 second look at my belly and says, "well, there is clearly a bulls-eye rash and there's where the tick bit you!" I was like, "What?!" It had not been there a half hour before hand (well, the bite had been, but I didn't think much of it thinking it was a mosquito bite or scratch or something.) And had it not been there I don't know what the diagnoses would have been?
(again photo courtesy of Web MD-you don't want to see photos of my belly!!)

So, I'm hopefully on the mend soon and will post photos of our vacation when I'm feeling better. It was a fun trip before we left the cabin ... I'm just not so sure I'm going to be such an out-doorsy kind of a girl from here on out!


Tara Anderson said...

Oh Valerie! You just reminded me why I choose to "camp" at the Holiday Inn! LOL! :) Hope that gets taken care of quickly...what a bummer way to end your vacation!

Football & Fried Rice said...

oh my goodness!!! I sure hope that you are already feeling better and I don't blame you ONE bit for being reluctant to be an "outdoorsy" kinda girl!!

Shawna&Co. said...

Oh my word! You poor thing! What a vacation! I didn't realize your cabin had no elect. or running water. That is really cool. {for a day or two! :) } You are amazing! I bet your boys LOVE it! I'm so glad the rash came out and you were able to find out what it was. SCARY!!!

Gretchen said...

Valerie!! So sorry!!! This is not something we have encountered...Thank goodness. Hope you are feeling better soon.

The Sanders Family said...

Ugh...again, so sorry!!! Hope the antibiotics work quickly. And between your poison ivy encounters and now lyme's disease, I think it's completely understandable why you and the great outdoors are not the best of friends! Ha! Feel better! I'll be in touch about the play date!

TanyaLea said...

Well, despite the fact that you've had poison ivy and now lymes disease, I still don't think you'll be able to break away from being an 'out-doorsy' mom anytime soon...not with all those boys and that hubby of's in the blood!! ;) But WOW Valerie...what a scare! Dawson had the same 'ring' after an infected tick bite when he was only 2...though it did NOT test positive for lymes at the time, they still treated it with antibiotics just to be on the safe side. I remember all of the workers at the pharmacy coming out to see what "it" (the ring) looked like.

Praying that your prescribtion kicks in REAL fast and that your feeling better soon! NO fun being under the weather...especially when you still have to be MOM!

Come visit me next time...I'll make sure you have a better taste of Minnesota! ;)

Love and Hugs,
~ Tanya

Jenna said...

Oh, I am so sorry you have been so sick, but so glad God blessed you with that rash so it could be taken care of! (Weird to think of a rash as a blessing, but in this case, yes!! :) )

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