Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Chance!--Don't Miss Out!

I am SO excited!!! My first give-away is SO close!
Monday, July 12th is the last day. Have you entered?
It is SO easy ... and so good.

To win this gorgeous apron:
1 • leave me a comment on this post (maybe with the name of your favorite recipe.)
2 • Visit the fundraising site and leave The Rippee Family an uplifting comment. 

Several MORE ways to earn entries are.
3 • Donate to the Chip-In fund on the site and you'll earn even MORE entries when you donate!!! (yes, entries here AND there!) 1 entry=$10 & 4 entries=$25

4 • Spread the word! Put our button on your blog, tell your chat group about The Rippee's story or make a special post asking folks to visit our sites. Truly this will only be a success if YOU help. Your hands and voice will be the difference for this little girl (who we'll all learn more about when they can officially tell us more when they receive P.A.!)

5 • And a third way to get an extra entry is if you purchase an apron on the Scarlet Threads website for your own giveaway OR purchase one for yourself! (please leave me a comment to let me know you did!)

Remember to leave me a comment letting me know what entries you qualify for so I can get you in the drawing the appropriate number of times.

I am SO excited!
And while you are here, have you checked out the Blessings A Hundred Fold site? The give-away fundraiser for The Rippee Family on has been rescheduled for Sept. 10th because of shifting paperwork. But the anticipation ... oh, it is incredible!  I am praying that we can blow the top off of that small-goal thermometer on the sidebar and make a big mark on the big one by then so the next set of fees are covered for The Rippees to proceed full-steam ahead once they receive their next approval. By donating not only are you granting a huge blessing on this family and this precious child, but you will be registered for this apron AND also that HUMONGOUS list of prizes on the "blessings a hundred fold" site! (May 23rd and June 9th posts)

Don't Miss Out!

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Angela said...

Thanks for posting about the Rippee family adoption and for giving us the opportunity to get involved.

The family

The family