Monday, July 12, 2010

Milestones: Thank Heaven for Little Boys

This week after starting the antibiotics to kill the Lyme Disease that so quickly set to work wrecking havoc on my body ... my two year old decided he was definitely TWO and ready for a big-boy-bed.

Never mind that mom wasn't ready. Never mind that we just returned from 10 days away and had a TON of laundry. Never mind that I was really, really sick. Never mind any of that. Because he was ready. And after 2 nights of rescuing him from literally, "riding the rails," as he straddled the bed rail in a desperate attempt to escape, only to find the only ways down (either way) were REALLY far! I decided I had better rescue the toddler bed from being a hockey goal in the basement (sorry boys,) and put it into it's real intended use.

So, amid my fever and pounding headache, I dragged it upstairs, tried unsuccessfully to tighten the screws  but was rescued by my husband's steadier hand and less pounding head and Nolan was beyond excited! I couldn't even get a "one last photo" of him in his crib ... even though I explained to him that it was just for mom ... couldn't he "pretend a smile ... just for a picture?" (Yes, reasoning with a two year old. um-hmmm ... whatever!)

So I packed away the hand embroidered crib bumpers that took me 8 months to design and make ... the matching hand-made crib-skirt that I made 7.5 years ago ...

I peeled off the bear-themed wallies that I also purchased 7.5 years ago and that I have rearranged with each new little one and the changing configuration of the nursery/boys' bedroom/nursery-guest bedroom.

But this time ... they went into the round-bin instead of the closet.

The last three nights as I have gone to bed I've check the boys and tucked them in ... all in ONE bedroom! In making my rounds I've never failed to stop in that bedroom that used to be the "nursery"--kinda catching my breath as I look around and realize that somehow in the blink of an eye my babies have grown up and that it is now empty.

Maybe God coordinated this all to happen at this time because He knows my heart deeper than anyone and He knows how sentimental I can be ... what a big deal this is on so many levels to me. It doesn't seem all that big of a deal to anyone else unfortunately ... but I guess that's just the way it is with moms. We see things from a different perspective. Always knowing that there is a part of our hearts that walk around outside our bodies. It's scary knowing that another little one is inching a little further away.

We have an extra bedroom in our house ... and in my heart.


Tara Anderson said...

It's definitely a "Mom" thing...and I completely get it! :)

Girly Girl Mommy said...

I get it too!!

All 3 in one room and they manage to fall asleep?

Goodness, mine are together at Nana's and will stay up talking until well after midnight. I can't imagine having them in a room together.

What will become of the empty room?


Gretchen said...

Sweet friend, my heart hurts for your pain. I completely get it. God has a way of changing our roads even when we think they are set for the rest of the ride. Keep praying. He placed that desire in your heart. Praying He will see it through for you.

Lots of Love!!

The Sanders Family said...

Awww...yes, I think all moms sympathize with you and know EXACTLY how you feel. You chose such perfect words to describe how it feels in saying that part of your heart walks around outside your body. That is sooooo true! I guess it's all part of growing and changing and maturing, and Lord willing, we will see fruits that overflow and fill our hearts with joy as they grow and change and mature. On the bright side, we have that to look forward to! Love and hugs to you!

The Sanders Family said...

And I just had to leave one more comment because that photo of Nolan cannot go without comment! It made me laugh out loud for sure! Poor guy...wearing girl clothes and now being tortured in his crib for photos. They will make GREAT pictures for his graduation party someday. {Not that I want to make you more sad by reminding you that someday he will graduate. I'll just stop now. ha!}

WilxFamily said...

Oh my...

Call it hormones or something, but I feel your sadness.

When we finally took down the crib, Jack was so stinkin' happy, and I was sad for days. I guess I knew it was the end of baby days in our life, which was a bit of a hard pill to swallow.

You know I'm praying for you...and Jeff...and with all my heart...I hope that empty room won't be as such.

Well, for now it is filled....with Hope for the future.

((BIG HUGS)) to you my friend!

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