Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today's Skirting--Lilac Whisper

Today's skirting is another design featuring the side-split pattern. Its delicate soft floral top layer fabric whispers like the work from the Impressionistic painter Monet, in a song of whispering flowers overlaying a lilac purple polka-dot base layer. The trim fabric is a muted-chartreuse with rose and pink accents.
Thank you Chloe for bringing a beautiful spunk to this skirt! You make it sing girl!
(I love that hat too!)

The colors are so delicate and soft it's hard to photograph what the eye is naturally able to perceive and enjoy. This shot captures the whispers a little bit louder and more true in intensity--I tell you it's about as loud as a butterfly screaming.)

Isn't Chloe a doll?! She is a natural lead model! And many thanks to the art direction and photography by her mom Angie!  It's gorgeous!

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TanyaLea said...

Okay...I love the fabric that 'trims' the top layer?... I would love to see that as a main print and a combo of greens and pinks. Fun, romantic and 24 mos size, please!! ;) Let me know if you create it and I want first dibs!! :)

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