Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today's skirting--My China

I had a lunch date in town today with Jeff, the boys and some friends (one of whom is here from China for work!) ... and since I try to group as many things as humanly possible into one day "in town," the kids and I drove out of the driveway a bit before 10am and spent. the. entire. day. running. errands.--Yes, until 6pm tonight.
Me and three boys.
Doing things like going to the fabric store.
The bank.
The Christian bookstore ... both of them.
And finally ... much to their relief, the splash pad!
Ahhhhh--bliss for them. (I however just watched from the sidelines and read the first chapter in my newest book, Have a New Kid By Friday, by Dr. Kevin Leman. (ie: the same kids ... improved attitude--much to Brayden's relief. He originally read just the first 5 words "Have a New Kid" and I think he was getting a bit worried about his future--ha!)

The point of staying in town all day, besides trying to get a lot done, was to avoid a second trip back into town for Easton's hockey practice at 5:30. Just doing my little part to same the planet ya know. But you know those best laid plans and what happens to them ... Wouldn't you know, as I drove up to the arena at 5:30 (yes, I was late if you consider it takes at least 15 minutes to get hockey equipment all on! which I hate being late!) I noticed the parking lot was empty ... and you guessed it ... no hockey practice today.
ahahahahahahaha! I almost expected the cameras to pop out of the bushes and say, "you're on candid camera!" Yes, after all day in town specifically because we needed to get to hockey practice.
I got a lot done I guess. And lots of quality time with the kids in a hot car.
And I wasn't late ... since there wasn't anything to be late for I guess.
But. I didn't get a post of a NEW skirting in today...
It does give me the opportunity to bring this skirt back to light however. I posted about it HERE under the name "Dare to Dream."
I had a sweet one call it her "My China" skirt ... and I like that better, so I'm stickin' with that.

"My China" skirt is a light cotton ruffle skirt and is perfect for summer--or cooler temperatures if paired with leggings or tights. It's a beautiful China Blue ... the color of my rice bowls ... and white. The ruffle is gathered in a matching paisley print in the same gorgeous blue that almost makes you feel the wind in the willows blowing gently.

I also want to mention that my model Chloe has taken a few more skirts home for modeling!  I can't wait! Hopefully she'll have fun putting the little girl into them and making them look FUN! Stay tuned :-)


Gretchen said...

I still LOVE this one. How do I order one? Email me!

Tara Anderson said...

I just LOVE these skirts!!! That blue is beautiful!

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