Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Who's That Coming Down the Track?!

... It's Thomas. 
Ni Hao Thomas!
Thank you to ALL of you who donated to this idea of sending a Thomas the Train Track to the sweethearts at New Day! 

We have an incredible set on its way to them RIGHT now ... complete with Cranky the Crane, The Quarry Tunnel, a working water tower and a boxed set of Thomas DVD's IN Mandarin. The folks at, where I purchased the DVD's, were SO nice to work with too ... they had a monthly special going on that threw in a free Dora DVD (which I highly recommend for anyone adopting an older child especially as it does a great job of both English and Chinese much like the English/Spanish version we enjoy here in the States. AND they also included a FREE Hello Kitty DVD when they heard who would be receiving it! (I highly recommend PoppingPandas if you are looking for Mandarin DVD's and other learning resources.)

I am looking forward to hearing if the kids enjoy the track and the Thomas and other stories in the months ahead--or should I say which children enjoy the track--sure it's not everybody's favorite, but for many it sure is right up there with one of the best fun things around. Hopefully it will be something that many will look forward to when it's "Thomas the Train Day" and it's pulled out from the storage cupboard. (THAT is another huge bonus of the Thomas stuff ... it's so storable!) And who knows the creative and engineering minds that might bloom from this fun "play!"


Football & Fried Rice said... sweet!!

We sent a Thomas train to "Wendel" at New Day way back when - I think he liked it ;)

Lexilooo said...

What a wonderful idea!

I've been working on some baby quilts to send to New Day...I want to send several at once, so I'm waiting until I have five or six, and I currently have about 2 1/2 :)

Jenna said...

OH- I bet they are just LOVIN' this. I was wondering how you got a picture of Cooper kissing our picture- it was VERY clear the loved the trains!!!!!! But, what he doesn't know is that his great-grandfather owned an antique train store for YEARS and his big brother had a bit of a train obsession when he was two. So, there is a train table with the train set just waitng to be set up on it, and no one to compete with Cooper for it's attention! :)

What a greta gift for the kids!!!

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