Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Cutest School Supplies

Yesterday afternoon I gathered the young'uns up after Brayden's golf practice and started the dreaded school-supply shopping. Dreaded not by them so much as me ... because it should be so much more fun than it always ends up being.

And so as not to disappoint, I scheduled doing this trip right at Nolan's naptime ... and as expected, as soon as he saw that red Target shopping cart he darted into a sprint, me trailing after him like a flag in the wind. Luckily, he zigged when he should have zagged and he ended up swooped into that comfy-cart where he promptly melted into a pile of crying tears begging to be released from that "Stuck" seatbelt. Ahhh, being a mom ... it's not easy.

But never mind the cries of my wee-one in one ear. I had the downloaded school supply list in hand and the boys were leading my cart like a pack of snow-sledding dogs through the aisles of other moms and kids. We were scooping up tablets and pink erasers, boxes of crayons, Kleenex, pencils, markers, binders and Clorox wipes. (The thought of the Clorox wipes made my stomach turn as I remembered the all too fresh memories of past school years of tummy aches and long nights with sick kids not all that long ago. Ug.) Germs. Kids. School. I made sure to get a huge spray bottle of Lysol for the homefront and some germ-x for the kiddos too.

BUT, amidst the meltdown of Nolan at the cart-area  and the dwindling enthusiasm of my older two boys I found something for ... ME!

Have you seen the new Gwen Stefani Collection (I really sound like I know who Gwen Stefani is don't I) at Target? The HaraJuku Collection is the sweetest! Apparently they are not at all Target stores or online yet ... and just between you and me ... I am hoping that I can scoop a few up in the dollar aisle in a few months. (I love a bargain.) I crumbled immediately spending way too much time in front of the end cap according to Brayden & Easton.

I was able to walk away with 2 small notebooks ... even though I really wanted the $8 notepad, the file folio, some, folders and the ring binder ... as if I might be going back to school myself and needing some cool things to deck out my backpack. (hint, hint Jeff for my upcoming Birthday?? Here's an idea!)

But a cool idea DID cross my mind and I can't wait to see if it will pan out. After the school supplies but before the trip to Famous Footwear for new tennies for the boys was  a list of 400 cards that I needed to get ... remember I had 3 antsy boys under the age of 8 with me. The two older ones at this point were picking on each other, laying on their tummies trying to find "lost-treasures" like pennies and size tags, errant m&ms and goodness knows what else under the displays and Nolan was still melting like goo, crying in the front of the cart. You saw us didn't you?!

Ack. Of  course no cards seemed to fit the bill ... I grabbed a few generic ones for the graduations I missed in June (oh my!) and thought maybe I could write a nice note for the Thank you cards I already had on hand ... and then I got a BRIGHT idea for the birthday card on my list that was going to be belated too--why not incorporate one of these nifty HaraJuku notebooks INTO the card I was looking for?! (We'll see if it works out, but the idea sure seems neat.) So if you're having a birthday tomorrow, August 5th ... you may find this soon in your mailbox.

Happy Birthday! 
I'll be mailing this soon ... enjoy your special day! 

I hope she enjoys the useful aspect of this card as well as the smoochkin on it! It seemed like a good solution to a downward spiraling situation with my shopping crew and my indecisiveness on which tablet to buy. Oh yes, and we did make it over to get the kids their shoes ... 30 pairs a piece later. WHEW! We finally found a pair each that fit nicely (now I'm praying that they last a good 4-6 months.)
Many Blessings! And happy school shopping.


Tara Anderson said...

Okay, that got me cracking up on SO many levels!!! And not just because I am also "that" woman with the three kids in Target...or because I have the sudden rush to run out and check the mail! LOL! :) Sadly, I didn't even realize that my birthday is TOMORROW until just now! I think I need a vacation....

Love you!!!

The Sanders Family said...

I wish my birthday was tomorrow ;) Ha! I too can relate. You are sooooo not alone! Except you can add one more kiddo to this mom's chaos. Actually, I think once you get past three, it's all the same. Ha! I {heart} Target...yes, you know you can count on me to know about Gwen's new line! So cute!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

You are just too funny (and brave to go supply shopping with the crew in tow at nap time!!)

I love supply shopping, but the girlies lists don't have anything "fun" on them. Folders and notebooks have to be plain and in particular colors. You should have seen me digging through hundreds of plastic folders to find the last 2 red ones in Walmart, lol!

And my crew looks for treasures at stores too. Eeew!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Such cute stuff! I managed to refrain, but was very tempted! If I am going to endure Target with the kids, I usually get a coffee and turn on my pod ;)

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