Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My favorite day ... 2 letters ...

And if our God is for us ... Then who could ever stop us?
And if our God is with us ... Then who could ever stand against us?
If you haven't checked out the Blessings a Hundred Fold site today ... you REALLY should!
I can hardly contain myself ... look at the post below ... first sweet Samuel is matched with a forever family ... and today in my very next post The Rippee's have received their Pre-Approval. August has been a GRAND month in my book. I never could have imagined this!! God is SO COOL!

Our God is greater 
Our God is stronger
God  you are higher than any other ...

If you have been waiting to donate to help the Rippee's fund their adoption now is the time to act. --The cattle God owns on a thousand hills? Let's bring 'em home. -- Get entered in the give-away TODAY! Click HERE! for a refresher on the GRAND prize list and an outline of how to get entered. 
Did you see the prize list? WOW is an understatement.
The give-away closes Sept. 10th--LESS than one month away! 

Our God is healer
Awesome in power.
Our God ... our God .


Tara Anderson said...

I'm on my way over there right now!!! Can't wait to read the news!!!

Jenna said...

WOO HOO....I finally got over there to enter the give-away! Thanks for the news and the reminder.

On another topic altogether, can I get some new sponsorship buttons for my blog? We've switched the kids we sponsor at New Day. Weird, I know, but we wanted to sponsor Cooper's foster sister, Emeilia, and we also wanted to sponsor the newest New Day addition- Evangeline. Any chance I can get a couple new buttons? No rush at all!



Girly Girl Mommy said...

No kidding, Valerie!!

God is so GREAT!

To see Him working in the lives of special people on behalf of the orphan just warms my heart.

The family

The family