Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nolan's Heart

This summer I stopped at a garage sale. It was one of those drive-by impulse stops where I left Easton and Nolan in the car and literally ran in just for a peek ... hoping to side-step anything I didn't need, or more possibly what the boys didn't need but would probably find and would BEG for. (don't worry, the kids were in eye and ear shot at all times.)

I guess they take after me ... finding treasures in the least likely of places and garage sales ... ooo tempting ground! So sure enough amidst the masses of girly-girl things that I glanced at and moved on from ... I found two of the sweetest baby-dolls by the check out. Nobody was even giving them a second glance! I could hardly believe it as there were several little girls milling around after their moms who I thought for sure would glomp onto them in a heartbeat. But no ... I circled the tables a few times ... eyeing them from a far ... but not feeling like I had any business anywhere near them.

They were both unclothed and their sweet hair-dos were a mess but they had simply been loved on a bit. Nothing a little TLC couldn't fix! And can you believe they were only asking a dollar a piece?
One dollar.
100 pennies
A dinero
4 bits.
They are even cabbage patch kids! (I remember that people were literally dying over these when I was young!--which confirms 2 things, how insane people can become over material things and how old I am.) And here 2 sat at a garage sale, abandoned and nearly alone.
At least they had each other.

I considered which one to buy ... the brown haired one or the black haired one ... and then thought of why I would be buying them at all for goodness sake!
Having just served in the church nursery the week before it suddenly came to me that they didn't have any babies in there!  Ahhh, a reason to buy them!!! Sure, I suppose that I was on some level truly buying these for the church nursery. But let's be honest ... I bought them for myself.

So I nabbed 'em up for 2 bucks, headed back to the car and apologized to the boys that they didn't have anything good for boys just a couple of dolls for the church nursery. And I didn't even think twice about any of it. I started driving away and Nolan seriously started going a bit nutty. I just figured he was getting antsy and wanted out of the carseat ... but he finally blurted out "BABY!" in a painful aching voice, arms outstreatched in angst and he was adamant that he wanted those babies NOW.

Well, let me cut to the chase and just say we do not have any baby dolls in our home ... or kitchen stuff for that matter. Jeff is NOT a new wave dad who allows ANYTHING girly near his boys. (please giggle to yourself about the skirts that Nolan modeled awhile back ... that was out of sheer necessity and I've since remedied my need for a GIRL model and he didn't actually enjoy the modeling ... just pleasing mom.) I shuddered at the thought of how this was going to fly, but took courage that it would only be a passing moment soon forgotten by the afternoon and we'd all move on.
That was June. It's now late August.
And Nolan still daddy's his "babies."
Luckily, Jeff has only made a few comments about the continuing presence of the babies, wondering out loud occasionally, "WHEN are they exactly heading to the church?" And I have to say that Nolan is ALL boy ... so I'm not actually worried about this affection he is showing to the dolls ... but actually I see it as a positive thing in how he is role-playing as a daddy and nurturing someone smaller than him.

And how can I send away Nolan's babies? He will absolutely (and rightly) come unglued if someone else has them in the church nursery. He is such a good daddy to them ... believe me, he does NOT play with them like a girl ... but he shows them love and shows them life with a boy, taking them for rides in his truck, letting them drive his toy tractors and trying to get them to stand up and walk, bouncing them along by their ankle behind him before being dropped for the train or some cars.

Never once did he care that they didn't have neat clothes to fiddle with or that their hair was crazy wild!
But it was fun to tackle their hair dos. And not once did they complain or try to escape my brush like the boys tend to do.
And with a quick stop at the hair accessory aisle at the local Wmart and a snip of the factory installed rubber band that had gone awry. These beautiful girls were not hard to reclaim.

Nolan with his girls (before and after hair-dos)

And this weekend I was invited to a friend's Baby Shower for her newly adopted Chinese-born daughter. Our friends Ken and Keri, had been on the NSN waiting list since Easton was nearly a newborn ... Easton is now FIVE! Last Christmas their card announced that their hearts had been guided to the SN list and that their new daughter had been found in January. PRAISE GOD!
Un-be-knownest to us they had received their TA and were traveling to China exactly when we stopped at this garage sale and found these dolls in June.

I'm really only putting this together now as I type--but how neat to chuckle over that as you'll see why at the end of this post.  When my invitation for the baby shower made way for the bigger boys to go play hockey and enjoy stick time at the ice arena on a 90 degree HUMID afternoon with their dad, Nolan became my date to the shower. 
Probably NOT up his ally of fun-things he'd choose to do ...
He was a bit confused about it all I think ... I know he was hoping for water and lots of babies HA!

But imagine Nolan's joy when he discovered upon arrival to the shower this REAL LIVE sweet-pea!
Seriously. The hair-do could not be any closer to his babies' newly coifed pony-tails!
He walked in and gently petted Vivian's sticky-up pony tail! And exclaimed "BABY!"
And I knew EXACTLY what he meant when he looked at me with that familiar look of love!
Welcome Vivian!
You have a new fan in Nolan :-)


The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness, how precious! When I saw that last picture of little Vivian, my heart skipped a beat. Of course Nolan exclaimed, 'baby!' She looks just like his well-loved babies!

On another note, I remember our talk back in July about Nolan's love of these baby dolls. How neat to actually see the photos of Nolan being all boy, taking the babies for truck and tractor rides, etc. Love it!

And finally, funny that men so fear their boys playing with anything resembling a girl toy. My boys help Chloe play tea party once in a while, but it always ends in destruction. You just can't suppress that need for a boy to destroy in the end. {Not that I would want to!} Ha!

Girly Girl Mommy said...

How neat is that!!! Miss Vivian does indeed look like Nolan's babies, but, um, Valerie...

You need to whip up some clothes for those dolls!! (maybe something denim? perhaps overall-esque?)

WilxFamily said...

Oh, now THIS is soooo sweet!!! The baby on the right looks like Cora!

How sweet that he was so smitten by Vivian, and her little piggy tails.

Hey, so are you going to make these little girlies some clothes? Hee hee.

Tara Anderson said...

Oh what a cutie little Vivian is!!! And what a sweet story about Nolan and his "babies"! God's doing a great work in that little boy's heart!

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