Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ruffled Feathers Unfurled!

The Littlest Twirl

Our wonderful friends in Texas have become the blessed parents to a VERY special little girl through the miracle of adoption this week! It is the answer to years and years of prayer by them and us for them to have a family of their own. The sweetness of God is so evident right now.
... And of course, I had to celebrate by making a skirt for her ... the littlest one I've ever made in fact! (It's a wee 3-6 mo. size) I call it Watermelon Twirl as the middle butterfly fabric is that yummy deep pink shade of watermelon that is THE sweetest treat! (Click on this or any other photo to enlarge.)

And as adoption seems to be surrounding our family, I thought I'd give you a peek at the skirt I gifted Miss Vivian with (see yesterday's post.) I still have this fabric available for this combination as well as for other combinations, so if you like it, give me a shout. It's going to look so cute with a pink shirt to tie in with the polka dot edging!!
Miss Vivi Dot

And I am SO excited to reveal this latest skirting. I call it Thankful Jubilee ... because it will be perfect for the Thanksgiving AND Christmas season. I fell in love with the fabric instantly!

Thankful Jubilee

It is a rich fabric of bountiful harvest and holiday hues, outlined throughout in a gorgeous gold embellishment. But my favorite part is the sheer fabric at the skirt edge ... it adds just the perfect touch of angelic whisper for your lil' cherib!

AND if you haven't checked this out yet, I am OFFICIALLY unfurling my skirt company online!!!
Please stop by my new blog Ruffled Feathers Company and enjoy the gallery of styles, a size guideline chart and to see many of the fabrics I have available. I would love to fulfill a skirt order for you. Just send me an email!



Girly Girl Mommy said...

Valerie, Your work is just beautiful! You have a keen eye for selecting just the right fabric combinations. May your new official venture be richly blessed!!

The Sanders Family said...

Beautiful skirts, as always! Chloe is ready to model some more whenever you are ;)

The family

The family