Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Broken Belly Button

(this is NOT an actual picture of my belly button by the way)

Guess what. I have a broken belly button.

Well, it's actually called an Umbilical hernia--but really, it's a broken belly button in my mind.
--or "defective navel" as the doctor kept referring to it. (As if I could return it to the store and ask for a new one after 40 years.) And I kinda have known for awhile (2 years) that things were NOT right in the world of my button.

Apparently after carrying 3 very large bouncing boys for 122 weeks (40 weeks a piece,  plus 2 weeks overdue with Brayden) my navel just could not stand the pressure. Especially after Nolan (my 9 lbs. 12 oz. child who made me about 44" around at one point) it's no wonder really why my belly button just has NOT returned to it's normal state. I do remember the day that I told Jeff that I swore that my belly was actually ripping open from the tight stretching skin when I was pregnant . Hmm, I guess it really was! (That's really gross to think about! I actually knew it was happening at the time! ewwww!)

And although I'm not a swimsuit model and I try not to be too vain about the appearance of post mommy stretch marks or aging in general ...  I just want to have a divit there just like I used to instead of this ... well ... bump-out. 

The bump out that shows even through my one piece swimming suit.
The bump out that hurts when I cough or sneeze sometimes.
The bump out that hurts when I try to go running--ya, THAT's what's been holding me back ;-)
The bump out that just isn't normal looking.

It's a bump out that actually started hurting quite a bit when I got Lyme Disease this summer (ya, you know it's bad when even my belly button hurt!) And so, if there can be a blessing to getting that tick bite that gave me so much trouble this summer, maybe it's that I finally had the guts (hahaha, pun intended) to ask the doctor to check out my button and tell me what was going on and if there was any hope and a fix for it.

So, yesterday I met with a surgeon and at some point soon I'm going to have a little mesh insert to patch up the hole and strengthen the area. Let me tell ya, other than my wisdom teeth I've not had any major surgeries or broken things ... so I'm a bit uneasy about the whole thing. BUT ... the thought of a hole where my abdominal wall is squishing through is encouragement enough to buck up and have it fixed. Just thought I'd share the weirdness.


Football and Fried Rice said...

lol. I mean, really, I had to chuckle at about how long you've been pregnant :) NO WONDER, huh??

Be encouraged that the medical staff knows what they are doing! You will be happy when it is over, but you have nothing to be anxious about!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh my goodness....could this be what I have as well??? I need to talk with you more about this, Val...remind me!!! My belly button {or just to the right of it} has been hurting again, the same way it was back when I had the hernia scare. Hmmm...anyway, glad you got yours checked out, and glad they can fix your defective navel {lol about that term, and the thought of returning it!} Hope it feels better soon!

Gretchen said...

Oh...I'm so sorry! I will be praying for a quick healing. See we pay a price to have children...but the reward is so worth it.

Shawna&Co. said...

Oh you poor thing! My niece had to have surgery on her belly button at 6 months old. She had the same diagnosis too. Her's "popped out" because she was trying to sit up before he abs muscles were strong enough. So maybe you could say yours was from too many sit ups? :) I am glad you are getting it fixed after all this time and will pray for a smooth surgery!

Tami said...

Oh Valerie,

It was so good to hear from you! I've missed all my bloggy friends:-).

Ouch....your hernia sounds painful...who would guess a simple little belly button could cause so much discomfort? It's always a wakeup on how much of your body you take for granted until you hurt something...then you REALLy know how tied in to the rest of your body it is! I hope the procedure goes smoothly and you'll be as good as new! Oh and I can relate....Nathan was 10lb 14oz, and Owen was 9lb 5oz.

I'll have to check out Kay Bratt's site. I read her book while we were waiting to travel and I sobbed through most of it. I'd love to hear about her jouney back to this special one...thanks for the heads up;-). You're always such a resource!

Love, hugs, and prayers...

Learning Together at Home said...

Ouch (the belly button and the weeks of pregnancy. :)!

Praying that all will be healed!

Shannon said...

My friend!
You have been on my mind and for a few dyas now I have been thinking that I was supposed to get over her and check on you. Now I know why!!!!!!
I have had 2 hernia repairs now. Both caused by delivering Parker (some day he'll pay me back :)) One inguinal and then this latest crazy sciatic one. I think the inguinal repair is pretty similar to the belly button one. It was not too bad at all.
I am praying for you though because no surgery is fun but you will feel SO much better afterwards!
Hang in there!

Jenna said...

"Share the weirdness"- that's funny! I got a chuckle out of it. So sorry you have an aching belly button, but so glad you figure out why and that there's a FIX for it!! :) I hope the "fix" end up being a breeze!!

Donna said...


I am sorry that you have been living with this pain for such a long while...I am happy to hear that you will be getting it fixed (non-defective!) very soon! And then you will feel much better!

Will pray for your speedy recovery!

Melissa & Torstein said...

Hi there,

I just researched belly button hernia's and found your page. I have to tell you, I am recovering from just having had my surgery for that exact same thing! I was extremely nervous about it just like you, but I must say I was nervous for no reason! I am still lying on the couch reading books and watching my kids being taken care of by friends and family, but the pain is not bad(thanks to Tylenol 3) and it's gonna be so nice to be able to have a "normal" looking belly button again. It was an amazing experience compared to what I had thought in my was day surgery, the just put and IV and then put you to sleep on the operating table, 20-40 minutes later, you are out awake and singing sunday school songs while the nurses keep an eye on you ( yes I did that when I woke up being drugged etc. you really aren't shy when you're on that stuff hahaha) So overall I was nervous for nothing! you don't have to be afraid of the after pain, because they tell you that you will heal much faster if you take pain killers...God invented this stuff, so in this case, I don't mind taking it. I have to sponge bath for 3 days, and my belly is still covered with the dressing, so I haven't seen my belly button yet. But I am confident that anything will look better then what I had!!
Good luck with the surgery.

p.s bring a good book for the waiting time at the hospital...and remember God will be there, so if he's with you there's absolutely nothing to fear :)

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