Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah's Treasure Box

Notice the cool necklace on my sidebar to the right?
And this one here?

They're from Sarah's Treasure Box, an etsy site operated by Sarah and her husband. They are adoptive parents themselves and are blessing other adoptive families by "paying it forward" with the opportunity to have $5 from EVERY pendant that is sold on October 5th to go to The Rippee's Adoption Fund!

WOW! What an opportunity!

My goal is to sell 200 pendants designated in honor of  The Rippee's ... but if we go over that that'd be super-cool too.

OCTOBER 5th is The Rippee's Day!

It's ONE day 12:00am through 11:59pm OCTOBER 5th.
AND you MUST put a note with your purchase AT CHECKOUT that it is TO BE COUNTED FOR THE RIPPEE'S ADOPTION FUND! (That is super important so it gets counted!)

Check it out at Sarah's Treasure Box and also at the Blessings site for some great ideas on who to buy for. Seriously, you're going to kick yourself after the fact if you miss out on this blessing.

Please pass this info on to anybody and everybody. You can click on the jpg below to get a full size image to copy to your desktop and print. This set of 6 cards are a great way to spread the word and to help remind people (and yourself!) to remember October 5th!!
 Cut 'em out and pass em on!

**Keep checking back with Sarah's Treasure Box as she re-stocks her "shelves" for the big event in exactly ONE WEEK!

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