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Xiao Gou & The Mei Mei Project

We just returned from a little fall family vacation to Chicago and Wisconsin. It was a fun time traveling as a family and we had the opportunity to meet up with some really COOL people--my friend Molly and her kiddos--one of whom you may remember is Evan from ND! SO cool. But I'm still getting settled back into home (doing laundry and all the things that piled up before we left and while we were gone.) So, I haven't gotten the photos downloaded from my camera ... so that post will have to wait. 

HOWEVER, I wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out on a really cool opportunity to help Kay Bratt, author of, "Silent Tears: Journey of Hope in a Chinese Orphanage," in her journey BACK to China and a sweetpea named Xiao Gou, that still holds her heart!

 (Just look at this beautiful girl!)

If you have read the book you'll remember reading about so many of the little ones who filled Kay's days as a volunteer in an orphanage that lacked so much in love and hope. There was one child, Xiao Gou, who impacted Kay and her family so much ... if you need a refresher or haven't read her book ... you can read about her here.

Xiao Gou has endured a series of incidents that tears at the heart over and over again. First having been involved in an accident that took one leg past her buttock, then being abandoned by her parents in a hospital, then relegated to the "back room" of an orphanage with children with mental disabilities only because she now had a physical disability.

Kay championed for her so many times and brought her from the threshold of hopelessness. Xiao Gou was not able to be adopted several years ago as there was not a full relinquishment of rights over her (I'm not remembering all the frustrating details. I need to re-read the book. )

Xiao Gou is now nearly nine and is currently in a small orphanage having been abandoned a second time by her grandparents after a second accident. Kay is making a trip to China in a few weeks ... not as an expat under the protection and guidance of an American company ... but as an individual all on her OWN! ... into the remote village where Xiao Gou resides to hopefully rekindle a relationship with her and give her hope that she has a future and hopefully can secure this future for her. This is where you have the opportunity to help Xiao Gou. If you have been touched by Kay's story in her book, Silent Tears, OR if you just have a big heart for orphans, what a wonderful gift this would be to help her on this quest to fulfill a promise to this girl. She has a fund-raiser of sorts going on her SITE.
You can donate to The MeiMei Club on the left side of her sidebar with the "donate" button.
By donating $10 you will have a chance at a gorgeous set of hand-strung pearls from China.
By donating $25 you will have a postcard sent FROM CHINA to you/your child from Kay.

The drawing will be the last day of September--so, only THREE DAYS left to have a chance at THIS!

I of course have my own want of a "fairytale ending" for this story ... but as I am finding out over and over again, there is such a larger picture than what I can even imagine that God is painting.
It is amazing to remember what a watershed event Kay's book was for me in having God meet me where I was at the time with my desire to know where God was for the orphan. Boy, has He answered that question! The hope that this woman has given to so many, the comfort she gave to others when their time in this world was only brief, the words she has shared even at a cost to herself, speaks volumes of her strength and also to what strength we all possess somewhere deep within. She made a promise to all the children she left her heart with in China when she returned to the States that she would continue to tell their story ... and she continues to keep that promise to them!
You can read about where Kay is at in her progress HERE
Or just go to her blog HOME page and sort through all the posts I've linked to here on your own.

I am reminded again and again that God does not NEED us to do anything for the orphan ... and yet he CHOOSES to include us. What a Loving Father He is!
Tonight as you go to bed remember Xiao Gou and that she is waking up to a new day half way around the world. She's not just a story in a book ... or a story of years past ... but a real little girl ... today ... and tomorrow. I pray that her tomorrows are bright and full of healing love.

A small sidenote concerning the last post:
Thank you to EVERYONE who read about my broken bellybutton and has prayed for it ... it feels SO MUCH BETTER! Wow. I should have "tattled" on it long ago and had you guys praying months ago! And even though it feels so much better, I will have it sewn back together eventually ... maybe at the end of next month ... if I can sandwich it in between Jeff's hunting schedule. 

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This is amazing- thanks for sharing. I cannot believe that I have not read this book yet. I may have to bring it to China with me.....or not. That might be too much! Maybe I'll go with something more cheerful?

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