Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshot--Ruffled Feathers Company

Last Saturday our church hosted a Country Craft and Bake Sale to help raise funds to cover the costs for flooding repair to their basement. I am pleased to have offered what I had to the fundraising efforts--some skirts that I made during the past few months.

I really do enjoy immensely making skirts (much to the dismay of my husband and three boys ... which hilariously gave me the name for my small little business, "Ruffled Feathers."--The skirts have definitely ruffled their feathers on an ongoing basis.)

And can you believe I sold 6 skirts, 3 orders and 2 tutus! Which I thought was pretty good considering I'm not a large operation at all ... (my entire pre-made inventory at the time was 16 skirts and 2 tutus.)

Here's a peek at my setup (click on any photo to see it larger):

I LOVE this photo ... do you see why?

Here he is again ... my little helper ... his BIG brothers went to a hockey game and he ... was stuck with mom selling skirts. Probably not his first choice ... but he made due. I just heart him SO much!

If you like any of these skirts please let me know, I still have a few of the pre-made ones ready to go. AND I have leftover fabric that I can make to order. Check them out here at
IN FACT, remember to check out Nihaoyall as Ruffled Feathers will be one of the featured give-away items THIS WEEK in Stefanie's 30 days of Giveaways!

Ni Hao Y'all

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--almost

Bid on this American Girl BittyBaby sweetheart, her dress AND a matching "Ruffled Feathers" little girl twirly girl skirt at Blessings A Hundred Fold. Silent Auction ends FRIDAY! (see the entire auction for great items)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

30 Days of GiveAways!

Okay, I was going to catch you all up on the state of my belly button and even include a photo of before and after ... but I'm not quite ready for that (or are you probably!)

Luckily in lieu of that I'm going to post on an exciting THIRTY Days of Give-Aways!

Stefanie at Ni Hao Y'all  is getting a jump start into the fast-approaching Christmas season. She's starting off right for all of us, with 30 days of giveaways!
You have GOT to head over and leave a comment to get entered for some sweet prizes.
AND ... I'm gonna let you in on a secret that there will be a "Ruffled Feathers Company" Skirt Day somewhere in there amidst all the other intensely cool prizes.
I cannot wait! I'm going to get linked up right now.

Ni Hao Y'all

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Button mended

My button is officially mended.

This is not a photo of my actual button ... but then again, I haven't really seen it beneath the gauze yet, maybe it will be like this?!

It did take a bit longer than anticipated for the entire process ... but I guess being put totally out kinda requires that. And boy do I really go OUT when I go OUT! I don't remember anything past the first (I kid you not) 60 seconds after the relaxation drug.

We'll see how tomorrow goes for pain. I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance ... but day two might prove me wrong. It's really pretty minimal compared to having a baby ...
But I will say that going through all that and NOT leaving with a precious little baby was a bit of a bummer. (Not that I was expecting to leave with a baby as I was not pregnant ... it's just that's the only way I've ever gone to and left the hospital.)

Just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers!

The family

The family