Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Button mended

My button is officially mended.

This is not a photo of my actual button ... but then again, I haven't really seen it beneath the gauze yet, maybe it will be like this?!

It did take a bit longer than anticipated for the entire process ... but I guess being put totally out kinda requires that. And boy do I really go OUT when I go OUT! I don't remember anything past the first (I kid you not) 60 seconds after the relaxation drug.

We'll see how tomorrow goes for pain. I'd like to think I have a high pain tolerance ... but day two might prove me wrong. It's really pretty minimal compared to having a baby ...
But I will say that going through all that and NOT leaving with a precious little baby was a bit of a bummer. (Not that I was expecting to leave with a baby as I was not pregnant ... it's just that's the only way I've ever gone to and left the hospital.)

Just thought I'd keep you all in the loop. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers!


Carrie said...

So glad it went smoothly! Hope you don't feel a thing. :)

Tara Anderson said...

Hope you're recovering well! Wish I was close enough to bring you some soup! :)

Learning Together at Home said...

Hope things are better today. It's amazing how even the simplest of procedures can take a it to recover from sometimes. Praying Valerie.

The Sanders Family said...

I still can't believe you stopped by the voting booth on the way home from the hospital, lol. You are some woman, Valerie! :) Praying for a speedy recovery! How IS it going??? Need anything, just let me know!!

WilxFamily said...

Yay!! Glad it went smoothly. PLEASE, as a former wound care nurse, PLEASE allow yourself time to heal. :0)
Praying for a quick and continued not so painful healing!!

The family

The family