Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jennifer My Operation Giggle Girl

I am terrible at posting lately. Sorry!
It's been busy on several fronts ... I have also been busy sewing up a storm. (I have a new pot-holder project that I'll have to share sometime soon!!)

However, I did want to post about Operation Giggle and the JOY I have had bringing together a few girly things for a SWEET little one whom I wish I could expand our family officially to include. 
(Oh my goodness. Did I just type that outloud?)

No apologies about it though ... I stand firm in knowing that love is not divided but instead is multiplied when we let our hearts grow to include others. (Insert mental image from the movie, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, where The Grinch's heart grows 2 sizes when he finally "gets it!")

I wish I could say that the entire family helped pack this box of goodies ... but ... they didn't.
I do hope that a positive impact is being made on their hearts (even if it's slow) in seeing how great it is to share with others and that it doesn't take away from them to do so. It's small steps for now and I did enjoy preparing it and still have great joy that I am able to shower her with a few Christmas gifts this year and even more, to pray for her.
Perhaps her forever family will step forward soon and have her home by next Christmas?
It happened to my special little Operation Giggle Child last year (Samuel) and I am very much looking forward to his happy union with his forever parents soon in 2011! 

And also hopefully in the near future hearing good news for his sweet roommate and friend Jennifer, our Operation Giggle child this year. Maybe you would like to join with me as a prayer warrior for her?!
Maybe she is your daughter?

In case you are looking for some neat last minute girly gifts for the younger set (Jennifer just turned 2.) I highly recommend these great items that Jennifer will open on Christmas morning in China! (I've added the links to where I bought them, although it seems the prices have gone up on some of them and so you may want to price-shop for the best deal):

Manhattan Baby Travel Toy, Hunny Bunny by Manhattan Baby     $9.99
LOVE THIS!! (It comes in several different styles)

(I bought a set of the next two things for Nolan ... so ... if these drive the Nannies at New Day crazy they can take comfort in knowing that I've also done it to myself as well!)
OUR PRICE :$2.99

OUR PRICE :$2.99

WOW Poppy's Pony Adventure
by WOW Price:$24.30 
This is a WAY COOL line of toys that I blogged about last year. They do not need batteries as they are friction powered. Being made in England they are super-sturdy, the kind of thing you'll keep for years and let your grandchildren play with someday. There are MANY different sets.

Snap 'n Style Doll - Lihn by Fisher Price $19.48

The clothes simply snap onto this doll making it super easy for little learning hands to not get frustrated. 

 I hope it's a beautiful and memorable Christmas for her! 
Operation Giggle is still looking for donations to fund the shipping of the donated gifts for all the children at New Day. Stop over and donate $1, $5, $10, $50+ --whatever your are led to give. It is a beautiful thought to think of how these small steps of kindness will impact the children and the people who care for them in seeing the kindness of Jesus at work!!

Also, although I did not buy them, I came across these way-cool blocks that would be really cool if you are interested in learning a few Chinese characters or keeping Chinese around in your toddler's world.
I found them originally at (but they don't seem to have them anymore, although they have them in Hebrew and other languages.)

Amazon does carry them as do other sellers.


Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, I saw some darling things!! I know your little girl will love all the goodies! And many other children will benefit as well! We love the Manahttan Toy dolls - aren't they so soft - did you see the baby boy?? CUTE!

MJ said...

I found your blog just browsing and also through the Rippee's site. My mom does not support my goals to adopt in the future, or the fact that I sponsor two little ones in china. So i feel for you.

MJ said...

Also, those are great gift ideas!!! My sponsor boy Shane's birthday is in February, and those musical instruments & blocks are so great!

Donna said...

So sweet Valerie! I can just imagine her beautiful smile lighting up the room when she sees all of those fun things!

I will keep your hope lifted up!


Learning Together at Home said...

I wish that it were possible for Jennifer to be your own little one. I am so thankful that she has you watching out for her though. She's certainly been in my prayers! We sent Samuel a "Wow Toy" too. :)

Lisa said...

Where is Jennifer from? How do we get information about her? We are adopting a 7 year old from China and have approval for 2. We are still looking for our second beauty.

Lisa said...

I emailed her. Thanks so much! I don't know why my email is not working, but I couldn't email you back. Her is my direct email

Lisa said...

Here is the info I got back on Jennifer. I am not sure how to go about locating her file.

Dear Bryan & Lisa,
I'm not sure what kind of information you are asking about.
We are not an adoption agency so if it is about adopting- we have no say in that process at all.
That is all handled by her orphanage and CCAA.

The family

The family