Friday, December 31, 2010

O Canada, Canada, Canada ...

Our Christmas tree is enjoying it's last few days with us in our living room until next November when it will again be brought out for another season. I will admit, it did get gypped out of a few weeks this year due to the no-lifting regulation put on me after my belly button surgery on Nov. 2nd through Nov. 30th. But it did make it up this year and it was actually fun to put it up with ornaments EVEN being hung below the 2 year old height! (Thank you Nolan for being SO GOOD this year!) The boys were helpful! Nothing was broken in the process ... and it really looks nice.

It's nothing spectacular ... although it is a TALL tree thanks to a super-great sale I happened upon in August one year (ya it's artificial)... but it's nothing that Martha Stewart is going to write an article about ... but then again ... maybe she should. Our tree is adorned by a collection of ornaments from when I was little, things our children have made in Sunday School and school, mementos from places we've been ... or milestones in our lives like our honeymoon, our first year together, our first Christmas with our children etc.

Last year I posted about a special Tinsel Spider that I made when I was about 3 years old ... and yes, he's there again this year!

But this year I've chosen to post about another special ornament close to my heart.
And it means even more this year.

My father and his parents started traveling to Canada in the 1940's as a family on fishing trips. It was a bonding trip that not only brought them closer as a family, but also stretched the generations as my parents then took my sister and brother and I along WITH my grandparents EVERY first full week of June for our entire childhood. Yes, our family has a history with Nestor Falls, Canada and Helliar's Resort since the 1940's until 1999 when my father passed away. (My dad even took an annual fall trip with his work-buddies there which paved the easy way for Jeff's current fall hunting trips with the guys.) ... The trips to Canada brought me close to our family, close to the North country and fishing and boating and a whole different COUNTRY all at the same time!
I love Canada.

It has such a special place in my heart and when I think back to Nestor Falls I can't help but get a little teary eyed thinking of the smell of fresh moss on granite rocks ... water falls and walleye and crappie fishing, seeing people eat french fries with forks! and so many other little things ... that are big things perhaps only to me ... but especially to me.

Fast forward to this past year ... the year that I have been praying so much for a little boy at New Day.

What joy it has been to see his future unfolding to include his forever family ... who are Canadians!
What joy indeed!
I love this little ornament for my memories from childhood ... also now for those that are still being made.
Merry Christmas ... and a VERY Happy, Happy New Year!
And a very special New Year for Samuel and his Forever Family :-)


Shawna&Co. said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned seeing Canadians eat french fries with forks. They wouldn't want the gravy to run down their arms. HA!!

I used to have a Martha Stewart tree. Now our tree is filled with handmade ornaments from the girls and it's way more meaningful. I love to look through the ornaments and remember.

How cool to have a Canadian Ornament that will not only remind you of you childhood but of that sweet little guy lucky enough to get to live there!

ps.. You totally made me "homesick" for Nestor Falls!

The Sanders Family said...

Oh Valerie, your heart for Samuel is so awesome! I know the Lord is weaving and working something great out of your love for His forgotten children. I pray that that love isn't ever squashed, but continues to pour out of you and fills so many lives with joy as you do what you can to help His children. I know I have told you this so many times, but I love your heart, my friend.

The family

The family