Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Put it on and SHOUT it out!

Have you seen the COOLEST new T-shirts on the block?
Order one TODAY, put it on and shout it out.
You are NEVER ALONE and let everyone know it ... also while helping to bring a sweet girl into her very own forever family with The Rippee's.

Shirts are available for an amazing $20 with FREE shipping!
No kidding.
3 cuts available: Adults, Ladies Trim-fit and Youth

To order a shirt, please e-mail, Lindsay Adams,

Please include your name, address, and t-shirt size you would like. 

You can pay through paypal on the Blessings Site, or send a check to...

Lindsay Adams
6001 Rathbone Dr. 
Allen Texas, 75002

Please spread the word to your friends and family! Feel free to copy the button to your sidebar with a link to the Blessings Site. If you have any questions, please email Lindsay or myself!

I'm thinking about putting a sign-up sheet at my church and spreading the joy a hundred fold. If you'd like to do something similar, Lindsay mentioned she could send ALL your shirts to one location together in a flat-rate box for your particular project when orders are submitted together. What a Great Idea!!

Fitted Ladies' Cut

Regular Adult Cut (available in black)

 Youth Regular Cut

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Groove

Notice the updated photo of our family in the header? Yes, for all you photobugs out there, you will get a giggle out our crew. Oh we are a challenging bunch to photograph ... oh my. Notice Nolan's reclined position, Brayden's smirk, my frozen look! (BUT, I will admit that Nolan's lean to the side worked out really well for typesetting the blog title on the photo--what a chap, always thinking ahead! heehee)

All in all, the experience really wasn't too bad ... and I even got Jeff in the photo, what a bonus! (photos are usually my department and something I have done without him in tow as he'd be happy with leaving the store with one photo. But that doesn't lend itself well to family photos to have him not there! I just happened to schedule it one evening I knew he'd be home, heehee.) And since my mom made more than a few not-so-subtle hints that she needed an updated family photo of our family since the last one she had Brayden was 18 months old and I was GREEN with morning sickness being only a few weeks pregnant with Easton. Ya, it was time to update that! So off we went a few days before Christmas for a family photo at the mall. (Yes, Angie and Shawna we really should have called you guys!)

I do want to point out my beautiful necklace that I won from Mei Faith Studios in an adoption fundraiser last fall. It is Chinese Jade and is so beautiful. It was made by my friend Michelle who is an adoptive mom. Check out Michelle's etsy site and all of her beautiful creations!

AND since ShabbyBlogs switched host servers requiring me to update my background, hey, it all kinda has a new look.
Enjoy :-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Come Play With Me!

paying it forward

I just saw this on a friend's blog (Lexiloo on Tea & Crumpets--check it out!) and HAD to leave her a comment and get in on this VERY FUN loop.
She has seen this floating around facebook and really liked the idea and I am SO THERE TOO! Who wouldn't be?! I love to make stuff ... especially for people who get a surprise out of it, I'm joining in her fun and posting it here.
Come play along!
(If you think you're creatively challenged and so shy away from playing due to the fact YOU'LL need to make something, don't fret! I would LOVE to help you come up with some neat hand-made ideas ... or coach you through learning something new using the interests and talents you already have. I seriously have yet to meet an uncreative person ... just people who haven't discovered how creative they are!) 
Here's the scoop.

pay it forward 2011.

  1. I, Valerie, promise to make something handmade for the first five peoople who comment here on this post. 
  2. In turn, those 5 people must post this and make something for the first five who comment to them.
  3. Rules? Must be handmade by you, and sent by the end of 2011.
Yes, 2011 just began, but this means that a surprise will be on its way to you, probably when you least expect it!

fun, eh?

Who wants to play along? Just leave a comment on this post!
I can make some really neat stuff ... promise!
Come on ... don't leave me hanging!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Giddy in 2011

Hang with me on the title here ... I will get to it eventually, I promise.

First off, let me tie up loose ends from last year. We did travel for Christmas up North to Northern MN to visit Jeff's family. It was challenging on some fronts as usual and once again pointed to the fact that I am entirely too serious and really need to work on letting things roll off my back. And I have once again made that my New Year's resolution ... along with doing sit-ups and running again.
Hmmm ... I wonder which of those three I will be successful at if any?!

We also as a family once again ALL had the flu over the week between Christmas and New Year's. Luckily it was about 24-36 hrs. a piece and we each had it a different day (whew!) But at some point as a mom, I protest saying, "HELLO?! we have done this EVERY year except for one since we've had kids for the past 7.5 years! At what point do we outgrow this?!" I was very thankful that we were able to make it to my mom's to celebrate between the sicknesses as well as to travel the 8 hours north in a car without anyone being sick AND that we've not spread the sickness to others amazingly.

We also were once again asked point blank if we were "going for the girl" this year. I really wonder if people realize what exactly they are asking. Isn't that kinda personal?!
Whatever. This is where I need to learn to let things roll off my back and since this is so often asked I should just know that people are curious and mean that in the best possible way. That they realize that it is something that we perhaps may wish we had ... but at some point I'd like people to just back off and realize that we're 40, my husband doesn't want to go there ... and it kinda is like an open sore on my heart. SO ... when asked that very poignant question this year while sitting in my MIL's living room... I just let it hang in the air uncomfortably and let Jeff answer it for once. It is after all his decision ultimately and yes, we are beyond deeply blessed with our three boys. To wish for anything more is, well ... selfish. And yet ... there it is in my little selfish heart. So,  I was surprised to hear Jeff's answer this time.
"We might consider adoption at some point ... and if we did, it would most likely be for a girl--but it would be several years down the road, maybe in 3-4 years."

How strange. I had mostly abandoned hope.
And now I'm not sure what to think.
I like to hang on it ... but I'm also kinda tired too.
So, I'm just going to let it hang there uncomfortably in my mind ... teasingly ...

So, this year I think will be devoted to surrender and submission.
I keep coming back to that. I'm praying to spend more time in Quiet Time with God ...
which of course is always the answer.

But let me digress to the part about the "Giddy in 2011"
It would be great to have a bunch of "giddy" things happen in 2011 to look back on and say, "hey, what a theme!"
But, right now, let me showcase this beautiful line of fabrics from MODA that I will be making some skirts out of for Valentine's Day as soon as I finish the last few that I need to make from some pre-orders I received last year.

It's called "Giddy" and I just HEART this fabric line! (pun intended)
It is adorable and if you'd like a little twirl for your sweetie for Valentine's Day--drop me a comment or email and let me know your wishes.

The family

The family