Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Groove

Notice the updated photo of our family in the header? Yes, for all you photobugs out there, you will get a giggle out our crew. Oh we are a challenging bunch to photograph ... oh my. Notice Nolan's reclined position, Brayden's smirk, my frozen look! (BUT, I will admit that Nolan's lean to the side worked out really well for typesetting the blog title on the photo--what a chap, always thinking ahead! heehee)

All in all, the experience really wasn't too bad ... and I even got Jeff in the photo, what a bonus! (photos are usually my department and something I have done without him in tow as he'd be happy with leaving the store with one photo. But that doesn't lend itself well to family photos to have him not there! I just happened to schedule it one evening I knew he'd be home, heehee.) And since my mom made more than a few not-so-subtle hints that she needed an updated family photo of our family since the last one she had Brayden was 18 months old and I was GREEN with morning sickness being only a few weeks pregnant with Easton. Ya, it was time to update that! So off we went a few days before Christmas for a family photo at the mall. (Yes, Angie and Shawna we really should have called you guys!)

I do want to point out my beautiful necklace that I won from Mei Faith Studios in an adoption fundraiser last fall. It is Chinese Jade and is so beautiful. It was made by my friend Michelle who is an adoptive mom. Check out Michelle's etsy site and all of her beautiful creations!

AND since ShabbyBlogs switched host servers requiring me to update my background, hey, it all kinda has a new look.
Enjoy :-)


Tara Anderson said...

LOVE the new look!!!

Shawna&Co. said...

I don't know Val, even I don't think I'd have thought far enough ahead to lean Nolan over to the left. Gosh he is sooo smart ;) What a precious family of men you have! How blessed you are. Love the new look!

The Sanders Family said...

You all are too cute! I don't think you could get a bad photo of your adorable family! And way to go Nolan, with that awesome lean ;) You're so right, from a design perspective it worked perfectly with your type setting! ha!

Maybe in Colorado we could get a family photo of you all in the snow! Wouldn't that be fun! And Jeff would be there for it, so no excuses, right?!? ;)

{So excited you all are going with us, btw!!! yay!}

Learning Together at Home said...

Love it! great family photo - it shows ther real people. :) You will LOVE it in a few years, promise.

Gorgeous blog update too. Freshening up for Chinese New year. ;)

Gretchen said...

What a great pic, and you are right, his lean back was perfect for the blog title. (hee hee)

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