Friday, February 4, 2011

Sew What's Up?

So I've been up to a lot lately ... but terribly bad about posting anything. Sound familiar anyone? Ya, I think it's going around.

January and February have been busy with hockey and snow days, some cooking and lots of sewing. In fact, if you have a project on order with me ... I think I've finally caught up! (whew!) Okay, almost anyway.
Not that sales are through the roof and I'm sewing non-stop. I just haven't quite figured out a set production schedule and with my own family's patches and mending, Thanksgiving, the church fundraiser I committed to and then also with Christmas ... well, I got behind. I do promise to get better! Hang in there with me. PLEASE!

Here's a peek at my sewing table (AKA our dining room table) yesterday afternoon. Maybe you'll get a peek at a package arriving to you soon!

One thing I have had the fun opportunity to do is to work on a few American Girls' size clothing! I'm ironing out some kinks and fitting issues to hopefully get things more straight forward in the future, but what do you think? 

This set is for my friend Gretchen in Florida who is organizing an adoption fundraiser for Loving God's They are having their annual Winter Dinner and Auction on Feb. 19th and there looks to be a good deal of BEAUTIFUL things to bid on! And what a great cause! I'm not sure if you have to be there to bid on this ... but if you are interested, email her to find out more! The set includes the lightly pre-loved American Girl Bitty Baby, her outfit and a matching little girl skirt that is 13" in length. (That can fit a 3T on up to a 5T depending on the length your little one likes to wear ... in fact, it can last for several seasons if it is paired with leggings!)

And as for the cooking, I've found a super recipe for Homemade Girl Scout Cookies, a from scratch recipe for homemade yogurt that you make IN THE CROCKPOT! and a Crockpot Mongolian Beef that was really, really good! (Even though my boys STILL don't like Chinese much ... Nolan really liked this, yay!) Maybe I'll post those recipes if anyone is interested.


Learning Together at Home said...

I'd love the Mongolian Beef recipe! My dear children just don't appreciate my Chinese cooking. Seems we've spoiled them with two trips to China and now all bets are off. ;)

Gretchen said...


You have completely outdone yourself (AGAIN)!!!!

I love the set. It is perfect!

We also received the skirt for Ashlyn. It is truley adorable. We just LOVE when a package comes from you. Thank you so much, sweet friend!

Kay said...

Please post all the recipes you mentioned as they all sound great! Very interested.

TanyaLea said...

eeek! I can't believe that I missed this one. I actually just overlooked it when I on here last time. I see Khloe's skirt and AG skirt on the table! :)

Can I just tell you... EVERYtime I look at the fabrics, they make me smile. Not only are they beautiful, but this set was put together with much love by the crafty hands of a very treasured friend.... and to me, that makes it even more PRICELESS!

Thanks again, Valerie! I know I'm being a bit of a sap here... but I mean it in every sense of the word when I say, you truly are a treasure to me!

love ya,

Can't wait until our home pc is up and running again, as I see some yummy recipes on here that I want to print off!! ;)

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